DIY flight flying jet pack school the future Video - 28601857

Jet Pack School WIN

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pumpkins carving DIY Video - 65677825

Party Down With a Pumpkin Disco Ball!

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BAMF DIY motorcycle Video g rated win - 65474561

The Motorcycle Chariot is the Most Badass Vehicle to Ever (Illegally) Hit the Road

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geek fathers day nerdgasm DIY - 88837

This Basement Arcade is the Best Father-Son Project Ever

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Darth Knight WIN

batman cosplay costume custom darth vader DIY nerdgasm star wars - 5231085312
Via Neatorama
chrome comment custom DIY guitar Music Video wait what youtube - 30551297

How Many Strings? WIN

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Paperclip Chandelier WIN

art chandelier design DIY light shadows - 5672515328
Via piss_up_a_rope

Gift-Wrapping WIN

christmas DIY prank present troll wrapping - 5605179648
Via Reddit
camera costume custom DIY halloween Photo Video - 28104193

Camera Costume WIN

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Tank-Car WIN

car DIY driving Hall of Fame tank - 6300774656
By Unknown
cars DIY funny Video - 52617217

This is What a 130 MPH Lawnmower Looks Like

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design tent concrete DIY Video - 48390913

This Inflatable Concrete Tent is the Ultimate Camping Bunker

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fandom nerdgasm superheroes DIY Video - 47312129

DIY Iron Man Suit WIN

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DIY engine engineering glass steam Video - 28609281

Glass Steam Engine WIN

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arrow DIY Video - 77916417

This Dude is Probably Totally Crazy, Because He Made a Full Auto Coke Bottle Gatling Gun That Shoots Arrows

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coca cola coke creative DIY mariachi mexico modification Music trumpet Video - 25426945

Coke Trumpet WIN

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