beer bottle opener DIY Video - 75452161

Three Cheers For Turning Older Tools into DIY Bottle Openers

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DIY dont-try-this-at-home flamethrower Video - 39367169

DIY Flamethrower WIN

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DIY design igloo Video - 58074881

One Family Used the Winter Freeze to Make a Sweet Multicolor Igloo

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Music cover DIY Video - 67586817

DIY Instruments Remake the Pop Hits of 2014

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candy DIY Video - 76926977

Need a Last Minute Gift? What About a Candy Rose You Could Make in Prison?

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DIY flight flying jet pack school the future Video - 28601857

Jet Pack School WIN

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The Minions Just Want to Heat Things Up!

minions despicable me design DIY - 8376347392
Via _Blacky_

Rum Lanterns WIN

alcohol booze design DIY drinking lamp Rum - 5783544064
Via LionLeo
DIY funny Video g rated win - 52980993

DIY Craftsmanship of the Day: The Bubble Wrap BIke

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Nintendo Bookshelf WIN

DIY nerdgams - 4917424896
By sixonefive72
star wars nerdgasm DIY Video - 59917825

This is Definitely the Best Entrant for a Cardboard "Boat" Race

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Rancher Pops WIN

candy design DIY g rated win - 7482942464
Via Do it and How

Viking Fett WIN

boba fett costume custom DIY helmet nerdgasm star wars viking - 5327891712
Via I Heart Chaos

Bike Conversion WIN

at at bike DIY nerdgasm star wars - 6345746432
Via Obvious Winner
shoes DIY Video remote control - 58897409

Make These RC Shoes and Prank Your Friends (and Pets) in No Time!

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costume mask DIY halloween Video best of week Hall of Fame - 43426049

DIY Rorschach Mask WIN

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