DIY Video fart g rated win - 62766849

A UK Man Built a Ridiculous Farting Machine, so of Course it's Pointed Towards France

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fandom nerdgasm batman DIY g rated win - 49678337

Would You Want a Bat-Cave?

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bed life hacks DIY Video win - 72960769

This Guy Just Made An Ejector Bed, Because Getting Up Sucks

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Bike Conversion WIN

at at bike DIY nerdgasm star wars - 6345746432
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Radio Flyer WIN

car DIY modification - 5779351808
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DIY Kludge rocket science Video water water bottle - 26299137

Water Rocket WIN

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This Old Beater Gets Transformed into a... Slightly Cooler and Geekier Old Beater

cars DIY star wars nerdgasm paint job millennium falcon - 8140753152
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DIY mario - 58373633

The Only Doorbell That Gives You a One-Up

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couch DIY design Video - 64291329

The RC Couch is the Most Lazy Way to be Mobile

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When You Have Hair, Use it!

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We Don't Have Time for a Thimble in These Monopoly Pieces

monopoly nerdgasm doctor who DIY funny - 7634843392
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You Won't Want to Wreck this Movie Re-Creation

disney cars cute DIY - 7130658304
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Add Some Skis and There's No Winter Storm too Great for Your Truck

driving truck DIY winter skiing - 8047055616
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DIY drink invention modification Video - 26186753

Mixology WIN

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Thousands of Moving Parts Come Together to Make This Machine... Do Absolutely Nothing

gifs design DIY clock - 8333165312
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Popsicle Chandelier WIN

art chandelier DIY popsicle project - 6535264256
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