charity DIY half life model nerdgasm replica Video - 31805953

Fan-Made Gravity Gun WIN

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Bumper Car WIN

bumper cars DIY funny - 7541734656
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DIY doctor who g rated guitar Hall of Fame Music nerdgasm tardis win - 5944007168
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ice DIY bike Video - 65902593

Winter is Around the Corner, so Check Out the Only Bike That You Could Ride on a Glacier

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Really, There's Hundreds of Chairs Just Like This One

chair star wars stormtrooper design nerdgasm DIY - 7341960448
By Unknown

See, Making a Stove is Easy

DIY oven there I fixed it - 8186782464
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DIY BAMF Video flamethrower g rated win - 64816897

This Husband Has the Perfect Response When His Wife Asks About His DIY Flamethrower

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Making the Most of a Bad Situation

cars hacked irl DIY - 8357413120
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Pixar Truck Modification WIN

car cartoons disney DIY modification nerdgasm pixar toy story truck - 5769849600
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Tractor WIN

dinosaur DIY tractor vehicle weird - 6532289536
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remote shield DIY Video - 67996417

These Guys Fulfilled Their S.H.I.E.L.D Dreams With an RC Helicarrier!

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We've Upped the Ante on Summer Warfare

summer Balloons DIY - 7548749312
By Unknown
bad idea DIY dangerous Video g rated win - 68273665

Need a Weapon for the Apocalypse? Try This Nail Gun!

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Because Who Doesn't Love More Delicious Curry?

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pumpkins halloween design DIY Hall of Fame best of week - 43728385

Flaming Pumpkin WIN

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Cat Tardis WIN

cat DIY doctor who Hall of Fame nerdgasm pets tardis - 5199551232
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