Ride Brought to You by Tonka

cars DIY modification childhood enhanced g rated win - 8250258944
Via Brown Cardigan

Pirate Chest Cooler WIN

drinking Pirate booty DIY - 6828066816
Via Geekologie


appliance DIY doctor who fridge nerdgasm recycle repurposed tardis - 5444011264
Via Neatorama

Bumper Car WIN

bumper cars DIY funny - 7541734656
Via Jalopnik

We've Upped the Ante on Summer Warfare

summer Balloons DIY - 7548749312
By Unknown
DIY record slingshot Video whee - 35041281

Slingshot WIN

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mind blown design DIY funny Video - 54664961

How to Make Your Own Infinity Mirror!

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Tractor WIN

dinosaur DIY tractor vehicle weird - 6532289536
Via Obvious Winner
DIY bubbles Video - 58678529

Here's How to Make a Gigantic, Beautiful Soap Bubble

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Hammock Boat WIN

boat design DIY hammock - 5408564224
Via Reddit

Who Shoes WIN

nerdgasm shoes doctor who custom DIY best of week Hall of Fame - 6675886592
Via Lartovio

Cat Tardis WIN

cat DIY doctor who Hall of Fame nerdgasm pets tardis - 5199551232
Via TDW Geek
cheese How To DIY food Video - 78744321

With Just a Drill and a Tin Can You Could Make a DIY Cheese Grater

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Sharpie Car WIN

sharpie car design cars DIY - 6752526080
Via Reddit

Mailbox WIN

starry night mailbox Van Gogh design DIY - 6953124608
Via Reddit

Hero Mashup WIN

cosplay custom DIY iron man mashup super heroes - 5531644160
By Unknown
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