Shoe Trooper WIN

DIY nerdgasm shoes star wars stormtrooper - 5209939968
Via Star Wars Remix

Grill WIN

barbecue car DIY grill modification summer - 6227924480
Created by Unknown

Bike Conversion WIN

at at bike DIY nerdgasm star wars - 6345746432
Via Obvious Winner

Hammock Boat WIN

boat design DIY hammock - 5408564224
Via Reddit
sports DIY bike Video g rated win - 49739777

The Stoopid Tall Bike: It's Exactly What it Sounds Like

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Firefighting WIN

lawn mower firefighting DIY - 6962221568
Created by Unknown
only in russia cars DIY Video - 58963713

It Turns Out Home-Made Snow Plows Almost Work as Well as the Real Thing

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These DIY Portal Mirrors Will Melt Your Brain

design nerdgasm Portal DIY video games - 7119939328
Via Obvious Winner
arcade DIY nerdgasm video games Video win - 62730497

The R-KAID-R is a Gorgeous Arcade in a Box to Tickle Your Retro Fancy

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fishing birds DIY Video - 58290177

Feed the Birds in the Coolest Way With This Fish Launcher

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Anybody Need a Staker?

vampires hacked irl truck DIY Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 8378062848
Via 3hg3hg

Dad Technology Reaches New Heights

hair dads life hacks DIY g rated win - 8091110912
Created by Unknown

Radio Flyer WIN

car DIY modification - 5779351808
Via newtrawn

Rum Lanterns WIN

alcohol booze design DIY drinking lamp Rum - 5783544064
Via LionLeo
cheese How To DIY food Video - 78744321

With Just a Drill and a Tin Can You Could Make a DIY Cheese Grater

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clever DIY food sandwich sign - 6241524224
Created by Unknown
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