Ugliest Tattoos


Somebody Really Likes This Symol

tattoos stars symbols funny - 4769465344
By Unknown

E=MC Win

tattoos funny - 7457162240
By Unknown

Does He Have a Finger on His Foot?

wtf back pieces tattoos funny - 7832012032
By beernbiccies

This Dog is Angry at Its Creation

bad dogs tattoos funny derp - 7672958464
By disgruntled customer


tattoos misspelling funny - 7472112384
By carpchik

True Nerds Will Know What's Wrong With This Tattoo

Lord of the Rings tattoos funny g rated - 7752256512
Via Geekologie

This Tattoo Of Rob Zombie is Cruel

bad funny tattoos - 4369082624
By Unknown

Somebody Likes Sports And Hates Design

bad wtf sports logos tattoos funny - 4638706432
By Unknown

Love Gets Messy

tattoos misspelling funny - 7856074752
By Unknown

My Brother is a Monkey Too

funny wtf tattoos - 4369229056
By Unknown

Why You Shouldn't Shade With a Wood Burning Tool

bad Babies tattoos funny - 4407241984
By Moxie Crimefighter

You Really Made a Knocker-y of Yourself

bad idea moms tattoos funny - 7647119616
By Unknown

You Can Spot a Final Fantasy Fan from a Mile Away

final fantasy nerdgasm video games funny - 4511500800
By Unknown

Human Branding

FAIL tattoos lips funny - 7461424896
By Unknown

Commence Screaming Now

Dragon Ball Z tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7771865856
By FrauAdal


butterfly tattoos misspelling funny - 7746654208
By bloodyknuckles