Ugliest Tattoos


Archaeologists Will Claim These Symbols Denoted That the Specimen Was a Trapper in Their Tribe

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By Ashley

Satan's Little Bro

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By BarefootDave (Via The Smoking Gun)

Iron McMaiden?

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By wolverinehunter

Intensions Don't Mean Everything

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By beernbiccies

Slow Hands

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Via Poke The Cactus

U Jelly, Arm?

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By Unknown

Gotta Go to The Milk Bar

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Via Tommo FM

I'm Watching You

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By Unknown

Self Made Ugliness

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By Anonymous

And They Love Your Money, Too

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By anonomot (Via

This Tattoo is Creeped Out by Itself

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By Leashaness

True Nerds Will Know What's Wrong With This Tattoo

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Via Geekologie

Party Devil

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By Unknown

Why You Shouldn't Shade With a Wood Burning Tool

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By Moxie Crimefighter

Scientist Did Say That Some Dinosaurs Resembled Birds

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By Unknown

This Tattoo Looks Like Doody

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By Unknown