Ugliest Tattoos


Tattoo ALL The Cliches!

cliches tattoos funny - 7884497664

The Heart is a Machine

funny tattoos - 4369830656
By Unknown

Peter Pan Has Seen Better Days

bad peter pan tattoos funny - 7901944064
By Unknown

You Said It!

tattoos funny - 7912915200
By beernbiccies

O, What Have You Forgotten?

grammar tattoos misspelling funny - 4396809728
By Unknown

Flower or Boulder?

bad flowers funny tattoos g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7916047360
By Unknown

For Doctors Especially

puns words tattoos misspelling funny - 7704099584
By Jay

Help Me, Baby Jesus

jesus Babies wtf tattoos funny - 7811128576
By bloodyknuckles

Really Goes Well With The "Dad" Tattoo

bad text tattoos funny - 4655388672
By Unknown

On The Other Side of His Back is His Live Journal Address

twitter wtf tattoos funny - 4432674048
By Unknown

Feet Are Hard To Draw

bad feet boots tattoos funny - 4621377024
By Unknown

Where is This?

funny superheros tattoos - 7883024384
By ppitchfork (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Stickmen

wtf tattoos funny - 4431268864
By Unknown


moms tattoos funny - 4793592320
By Unknown

Creepy Anime Fairy

fairies anime tattoos funny - 4418216448
Via Helgonfolk

Jesus Nose All

jesus bad tattoos funny - 4712877824
By Unknown