Ugliest Tattoos


What Happened That Person's Feet?

wtf feet tattoos funny - 4711040000
Created by Kaylahn

marilyn monghole

tattoos marilyn monroe funny derp - 7642914304

Tummy Music

Music tattoos funny - 4425355520
Created by krameroo!

Almost Got The Triforce

bad legend of zelda funny tattoos triforce - 4386070272

Bella Has a Pretty Strong Beard

wtf back piece tattoos funny - 4446967552

Those Wings Will Carry Him Far

wings back piece tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 4429739776

I'd Like to Have a Little Bit of All The Stupid Cliches Everyone Else Has

Music cliches tattoos funny - 7797352192
Created by Unknown

How Foxy

bad funny tattoos - 4388467712

One Sad Puma

bad tattoos funny - 4520937984

Have Fun Getting a Job

logos honda tattoos funny - 7602754560
Created by Unknown

Uh-Oh The Dolphin

bad dolphins tattoos funny - 4569620480

Because When You Think Canada, You Think Bullet Holes

bad Canada wtf tattoos bullets funny - 7616028928
Created by Unknown

Six Pack Under Wraps

stomach six pack puns funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 4765915392

I Forgot How to Cursive

FAIL tattoos misspelling cursive funny - 7516359936
Created by FrauAdal

Props For The Fair Warning

face tats funny yikes tattoos g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7889291264

Keep Your Third Eye on The Prize

wtf pyramids tattoos funny - 7477280000
Created by Secret Admirer

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