Ugliest Tattoos


So, This is What $20 And a Bottle of Tequila Gets Me?

bad tattoos stars funny - 7828131584
Created by Mis-Teeq

Dat Childhood

cool calvin and hobbes tattoos funny - 7832317696
Created by T3hripper

Lady Gaga is a Dirty Clown?

wtf tattoos lady gaga funny - 4428598784

For All The Cute Clown Couples

juggalos tattoos funny - 7869785088
Created by Unknown

Your Kids All Look Like Variations of Bobby Hill

bad portraits tattoos King of the hill funny - 4431556608

And Their Awfully Drawn Guns

bad tattoos funny - 4369881344
Created by benolyn

Feet Are Hard To Draw

bad feet boots tattoos funny - 4621377024

One of The Oldest Fish in The Game

wtf tattoos fish funny - 4571099136

Reality Bites

bad tattoos funny - 4710996992

I Can't Tell What The Misspelling is But It's There

rose tattoos misspelling funny - 7441438464

What Does This Even Mean?

flags tattoos compass funny - 4434437376
Created by Unknown

A Little Too Much Pixie Dust

tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7743071488
Created by Cullpadro

The Old Theater Assassination Family Has a Lot to Give

bad idea script funny - 7767757312
Created by Unknown

Puffy Was a Strange Tiger

tattoos necks funny - 7838738944
Created by Julie Lake

This Shasn't Be Tolerated

tattoos funny - 7712613632
Created by Punkheadphones

Freedom From Work For a Bit

cool freedom heads tattoos funny - 7711684608
Created by Unknown

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