Ugliest Tattoos


Would You, Kindly?

yikes gross instructions tattoos funny - 4439948800

Half-Baked Baby

bad Babies tattoos funny - 7720678144
By Unknown

The Derrrs

tattoos funny derp - 4666262016
By xXARTtasticXx

Overly Attached Girlfriend's Tattoo?!

scary tattoos love funny - 4812101120
By cecocola

His Hand is Lion

lions hands tattoos funny - 7866769664
By charles_n_charge (Via Cheezburger)

Gunshot Wound or Dandelion?

dandelions tattoos funny - 4484809472
By Unknown

Now That Song is Stuck in My Head

tattoos funny - 7702513408
By Owen Sound

At First I Thought They Were Army Men

tattoos funny - 4517972480
By igirisu

Hollow Leg

tattoos legs funny - 7600153600
By Memewatcher

Dude is Your Face Alright?

wtf heads tattoos funny - 4422481152
By Unknown

Yo Mama Wouldn't Be Pleased

bad moms tattoos hearts funny - 7913013760
By beernbiccies

Daddy Duck Needs a Touch Up

bad funny tattoos - 4369293312
By Unknown

Derp From Aboove

bad tattoos funny derp - 4671074816
By Unknown

Dad is Proud

funny wtf tattoos - 4380512000
By Macky

The Original Creator of The Dance Electric

tattoos funny - 7770639872
By Unknown

What Does This Even Mean?

flags tattoos compass funny - 4434437376
By JeffR