Ugliest Tattoos


Including This Misspelling

text tattoos misspelling funny - 7623833344

This Dog is Angry at Its Creation

bad dogs tattoos funny derp - 7672958464
Created by Unknown

Loose Lips Sink... Something

pirates funny - 4769303808

Is That Uncle Fester?

tattoos funny - 7746642432
Created by bloodyknuckles

I Wonder What They Were Thinking

quotes tattoos misspelling funny - 7721111808
Created by Unknown

Madeline Was a Beast, to be Fair

names funny - 7512009984
Created by cawlikeacrow

What Cute Critter is This Supposed to Be?

cute funny - 4774997504
Created by Unknown

Mixed Message

chainsaws tattoos love funny - 7733195776
Created by beernbiccies

You Trusted the Person With the Needle, Apparently

ouch lip tattoo trust funny - 7516135936
Created by Logan S.

Pink Floyd Tattoo. NAILED IT!

pink floyd tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7698880768
Created by mbadolato

Party in the Front, Eyes in the Back

tramp stamp eyes funny - 4510369536

Uh Oh, Frosty Has Been Hanging Out With Matthew McConaughey

tattoos funny - 7616049920
Created by Unknown

Sometimes You Have to Eat Crap to Survive

gross tattoos why funny - 7620742656
Created by Jermo305

You Got Something on Your Face

tattoos face tats funny - 7627343616
Created by Smorgasboard

Always Got a Friend

hands tattoos shoulders funny - 7854681344

Super Cow

superheros tattoos funny cows - 4545267968
Created by Louie