Ugliest Tattoos


This Looks Like Pen

bad tattoos Owl funny - 4775169536
Created by Unknown

Poor Freddie

bad portraits tattoos funny - 7696378368
Created by cookb0910 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Great Job, Dad

brass knuckles tattoos family funny daddy issues - 4486994688
Created by Unknown

Woah Deep

tattoos funny - 4482464512
Created by Unknown

Especially During The Lonely Times

text tattoos funny - 7571964928
Created by Unknown

Did Buffy Get a New Nose?

bad portraits tattoos funny - 4377453824
Created by amberkat

What Does This Even Mean?

flags tattoos compass funny - 4434437376
Created by JeffR

This Shark is Very Ferocious Looking

FAIL tattoos sharks funny - 4734570496
Created by Unknown

Wow, a Huge Unreadable Quote All Along Your Body!

quotes wtf tattoos funny - 7563586816

Going Off The Rails

bad funny tattoos - 4371631872
Created by Unknown

This Wolf-Tiger Hybrid is Example of Science Gone Wrong

wolves bad tattoos tiger funny - 4444840192
Created by Unknown

Is That Macguyver?

portraits tattoos funny - 7908273408
Created by Unknown

This Might Be The Most Awesome Tattoo

unicorns tattoos funny - 4693960448
Created by Unknown

Werewolves are Forever, And So is Regret

tattoos funny - 7683716608
Created by suicidebird11

Well This Will Provide Plenty of Insight On You Then

text tattoos funny - 4396875776
Created by Unknown

That's An Arm, Dingus

wtf tattoos funny - 4504040704
Created by Unknown