Ugliest Tattoos


I Understand The Tear

tattoos face tats tears funny - 7717388544
By rens

Portrait Of Sloth's Daughter?

bad funny tattoos - 4375609856
By Unknown

Consider It Done

wtf FAIL tattoos funny - 4749082880
By Unknown

I'm Only Laughing Because I'm Permanently Etched On Your Flesh

bad joker tattoos funny - 4429199872
By Unknown

These Faces Started Forming

wtf creepy tattoos funny faces - 4539740416
By Unknown

A Family of Steelers

ankles tattoos family funny - 4520214528
By Unknown

Tinkerbell Before Post Production

wtf fairies tattoos tinkerbell funny - 7687816192
By Unknown

One Mad Lizard

wtf funny flies - 7702123776
By kernest

Well I Guess, He'll Be Hero For a Day

metallica logos tattoos funny - 4743676928
By Unknown

Don't Laugh, They're an Endangered Species!

funny mermaid g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 4760946944
By Unknown

Animal Farm

yikes tattoos funny animals - 4487598080
By Unknown

Please Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do

jesus bad tattoos funny derp - 7664449280
By raylee (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Smile Mow!

clowns tattoos misspelling funny - 7744376064
By Jackie

If You Spent a Little More Cash, This Tattoo Wouldn't Look So Horrible

bad cash tattoos funny - 4607396864
By jude

This Book is Losing It

wtf tattoos funny - 4635653376
By augustin11

Looks a Little Phallic

wtf wings tattoos funny - 7566675712
By Unknown
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