There, I Fixed It

there I fixed it

This Guy 1, Sun 0

sun funny sun visor g rated there I fixed it - 7643032832
Created by Unknown

Towels Make Good Insulators, Right?

car window towels cars funny there I fixed it - 7733453312
Created by Eyellgeteven ( Via )

Mini Maglite to the Rescue

tents flashlight camping funny there I fixed it - 7750490112
Created by Unknown

What Did People DO Before This Brilliant Solution Was Released?

there I fixed it g rated - 7910010368
Created by Unknown

Homemade Oven Rack

funny oven there I fixed it - 7777501696
Created by ClabberHead

You'll Have to Use the Driver's Side Door

cars duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7824941312
Via notfarfromlegendary

Together, They Form a Completely Functional Unit!

TV funny there I fixed it - 7823486720
Created by Katie

Spacious Trunk

trunk cars washer there I fixed it - 7899491584
Created by Snake73

Come at Me, Zombro!

g rated Hall of Fame tank there I fixed it zombie apocalypse zombie - 6405774080
Created by jenny2012

I Didn't Fix It, But I Put Up a Sign

vending machines signs funny there I fixed it g rated - 7820450560
Created by MsAeryn

Binding the Goods

elastic cars there I fixed it - 7829512448
Created by PonyJay

Think This Will Pass Code?

poles funny there I fixed it - 7777302272
Created by john.l.fears

Just Get the Food Hot

fire there I fixed it ovens - 7960091904
Via Izismile

There's Still Time to Implement This

chargers presents there I fixed it - 7970447616
Via Dump a Day
spare tire Video vintage parking g rated there I fixed it - 55308289

5th Wheel Swivel Parking

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signs funny there I fixed it - 7504682496
Created by davidbyronhicks

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