There, I Fixed It

there I fixed it

What Do You Do When Your Car Speakers Blow?

speakers cars funny there I fixed it - 7798916608
Created by Liam

Home Improvement, NASCAR Edition

duct tape there I fixed it - 7930134016
Created by Scurvy

120 Pop Rivets Later...

cars there I fixed it g rated - 8011984640
Created by intashu

That Should Hold It

duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7779580416
Created by Unknown


signs funny there I fixed it - 7504682496
Created by davidbyronhicks

The Dog's Getting Out? Put Up a Gate!

fences gate there I fixed it funny - 7721722880
Created by Kasey2601

Hobo Engineering of the Day

g rated there I fixed it - 6890669824
Created by antonio marcato ( Via GoAmateur )

A Happy Fix

pickup truck duct tape funny there I fixed it windshield g rated - 7779196416
Created by holycow

Shaded Bike Path

trees there I fixed it - 7833517824
Created by Sarah dG ( Via )

Patched Up the Trash Can AND Revealed a Secret Ingredient

trash can there I fixed it - 7218913792
Created by thesparky007

Network Solutions

cable surge protector power strip g rated there I fixed it - 6926518016
Created by Unknown

Handy Bathroom Gadgets

bathrooms toilet paper there I fixed it toilets g rated - 8009392384
Created by Unknown

The New Dodge Ram 500

minivan pickup truck pickup truck bed g rated there I fixed it - 6950217984
Created by AnassRhammar

Much More Interesting Than a Regular Roof

there I fixed it roof g rated - 7935771392
Created by CrashCarCrandall

It Freshens the Laundry, So Why Not the Car?

air freshener there I fixed it - 7355134720
Created by Helen Kim

Stronger and More Waterproof Than the Original

shoes duct tape there I fixed it - 7824942080
Via intheflesh79

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