There, I Fixed It

there I fixed it

Screw Your No Microwave Policy

DIY dual use g rated hotel microwave there I fixed it - 5595917056
Created by Unknown

Fishnet Tights Got Us Home

cars there I fixed it g rated - 7826382592
Created by J Walther

What Else Would I Use That Hook For?

there I fixed it - 7979072768
Via zedarian

Woodworking Skilz in Alaska

alaska car door woodworking g rated there I fixed it - 7065569280
Created by mandodan

Duct Tape: 1, Steppe: 0

shoes duct tape there I fixed it - 7717804544
Created by Guido

Tacky Solution

funny there I fixed it - 7731103232
Created by Flavorflanks

All the Seats Were Taken

kids luggage there I fixed it - 7899740928
Via Pleated Jeans

No Front Wheel Required

bicycles bikes there I fixed it g rated - 7975154432
Created by Unknown

When Your Wireless Mouse Receiver Doesn't Quite Fit

laptop duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7799101952
Created by Unknown

How to Ensure a Dumb-Free Zone

signs there I fixed it - 7978947840
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A Little Snow Won't Stop Me

bikes bicycles Canada snow there I fixed it g rated - 7974041600
Created by Unknown

Slay the Brown Dragons With This Toilet Brush Sword!

DIY g rated there I fixed it - 7153073152
Via Danelli-Armouries

Multiple Barriers Don't Result in Greater Protection

rope road work funny there I fixed it - 7773854208
Created by Unknown

A Screwdriver Should Do It

cars screwdriver there I fixed it - 7960303872
Created by remitche

No Ice? Get the Frozen Eye Mask!

soda there I fixed it - 7961586688
Created by Noel Giger ( Via )

This Thing Has Great Shelf Life

computer case cooling g rated ikea there I fixed it wtf - 5803478272
Created by crotalidae