There, I Fixed It

there I fixed it

Together, They Form a Completely Functional Unit!

TV funny there I fixed it - 7823486720
Created by Katie

Make Sure the Seal is Tight

cars plastic wrap funny cardboard there I fixed it - 7734690048
Created by Järmes

Need an 8' Stepladder?

ladders funny there I fixed it - 7784103680
Created by marctobolski

The Door Hits the Wall? Just Put Up a Doorstop!

doorstop wall funny there I fixed it - 7602752768
Created by Kira_Tenshi

There, I Wired it

cables ethernet there I fixed it - 7901210112
Created by Daniel

There, I Delivered It

packages there I fixed it - 7182028800
Created by Yann

The Old Lock Wasn't Secure Enough

doors locks funny there I fixed it - 7563163648
Created by Adrienne Gartman

Hammock? There Ya Go

hammock g rated there I fixed it - 6847615232
Created by amakay

Sidewalk Repair

sidewalk funny spray paint there I fixed it - 7728368640

And Now We Are Going To Just Add A Little Landscape

rear window truck g rated there I fixed it - 7386989056
Created by Unknown


cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7736563968
Via kiltedchro

What You Can Do With Old Cases

bookshelf computer case computer tower recycling g rated there I fixed it - 7110088192
Created by cataddict

Let There Be Light

flashlight duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7796602368
Created by Unknown

I Can Hear You Now!

there I fixed it g rated - 7889140992
Via NikNaks Blog

Make Room for Christmas!

christmas christmas tree g rated there I fixed it - 6881240576
Created by Unknown

Now Another Epidemic Can Be Brought Under Control

ads there I fixed it g rated - 7942647808
Created by Unknown

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