There, I Fixed It

there I fixed it

Who Needs Paint

cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7990241024
Via Skythen

They Weren't Satisfied With a Simple Balcony

architecture balcony g rated there I fixed it - 7112957440
Created by DoctorTwo

No More Stolen Toilet Paper

locks there I fixed it toilet paper - 7937976320
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Looking For Something a Little More Practical This Year?

christmas trees there I fixed it toilet paper g rated - 7923233280
Created by bsspcl

Moving Day

moving there I fixed it g rated - 7894712320
Created by anselmbe

This is Where You Wanted the Slide, Right?

slide there I fixed it - 7892709632
Created by ali

Now to Find Something For That Dent

cars duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7769514240
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Redneck Gun Locker

redneck refrigerator g rated there I fixed it - 6859450624
Created by insider

Pedal Forward to Open, Pedal Backward to Travel Through Time

doors funny g rated there I fixed it - 7686802432
Created by Unknown

Great... Just Great...

g rated there I fixed it - 6847170560
Created by Unknown

Close Enough

cars there I fixed it - 7954937088
Created by Ryan

Brilliant Solution? All Drawers Point to "Yes"

kitchen there I fixed it g rated - 7910056448
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When You Become a Kludge Master, You Transcend the Realm of the Mundane

bike g rated Hall of Fame motorcycle there I fixed it - 6413759232
Created by Unknown

Over/Under Controversy: Resolved!

radiator toilet paper there I fixed it - 7232523008
Created by Chris

Macs Do a Few Things Way Better Than PCs

apple cheese computer desktop g rated Hall of Fame mac there I fixed it - 6284476416
Created by Unknown

An Apology Cake Should Fix It, Right?

cake there I fixed it - 7926060800
Created by Judylou