There, I Fixed It

safety first

What is This "Safety" You Speak Of?

ladder safety first safety - 6891475200
Created by Unknown

There's AAA, and Then There's Just A

dangerous holding it up safety first towing trucks - 4670573568
Created by Unknown

Junk In The Trunk is an Understatement

moving overkill safety first truck wtf - 4514038528
Created by Robert K

Internet Stress Test

ladders Professional At Work safety first - 5411097856
Created by Unknown

I See a Pew Things Wrong With This

bad puns cars safety first - 5052643328
Created by Unknown

Is There a Smudge on My Windshield?

cars dangerous safety first trucks weird windshield wtf - 4804770816
Created by Emma

Check Out Our New Office Heating System!

dangerous fan heater safety first - 5767275008
Created by Unknown

On The Next Episode of My Super Sweet 16

cars chairs dual use safety first wtf - 5015556352
Created by -Ghost-

Building That Stairway To Heaven

holding it up ladder Professional At Work safety first - 5542037760
Created by elpumi.16

Keep Your Eyes Clean, Not Your Hands

bad puns dual use gloves Professional At Work safety first - 5473329408
Created by dustin.murphy.395

Not A Good Thing To See When Entering a Cab

cars safety first taxi - 5446695936
Created by el.carl2

Nothing Like Re-Recycled Air

ac air conditioner cars driving dual use safety first - 4805495808
Created by Unknown

A Crackhead Turns to Tea

candle fire holding it up safety first tea - 5656035072
Created by Unknown

Containing Your Work

dual use safety first wtf - 5778332160
Created by Adonis


gas tank safety first wtf - 4095372544
Created by AntonOlsen


car doesnt-work-like-that safety first seat belt - 3295312384
Created by Unknown