There, I Fixed It

safety first

That's Assuming You're Thinking at All...

signs safety first ladders there I fixed it - 7273776640
Created by ChrisChagares

But Where's the Indian Guide?

boats cars moving safety first wtf - 4442172928
Created by CSTOOS

If You Can Think of A Better Way To Lift Glass, He'd Like To Hear It

glass holding it up safety first - 4664136960
Created by tf73ky

Black Mage Used Construction

Professional At Work safety first - 5117000448
Created by Unknown

Is There a Smudge on My Windshield?

cars dangerous safety first trucks weird windshield wtf - 4804770816
Created by Emma

Teenage Jeep Is Sick of Being Dragged Around

duct tape safety first towing - 5014995968
Created by Mark


bicycle kids plastic chair safety first - 3133948928
Created by Unknown

Must Have Been Fixed at a Veteran's Hospital

electricity safety first tape - 5446330112
Created by Szabi from Hungary

Hot Dog Immersion Cooker

cooking electricity safety first wtf - 5050763264
Created by Unknown

Real Men Ride Across

bridge motorcycle safety first wtf - 5002164736
Created by NestorMunoz

Damn, I Grabbed The Wrong Screwdriver

Hall of Fame ladder Professional At Work safety first scary wtf - 5159921408
Via Total Eye

Double Stairs, Twice the Fun

ladder safety first painting - 7042340864
Created by Elemental Code

Almost.... There.....

Professional At Work safety first - 5077851136
Created by Unknown

Now Just Lean Forward a Little More...

holding it up Professional At Work safety first - 5007170816
Created by demima

Now If I Could Just Get To The Paint

dangerous ladder painting safety first wtf - 4652841984
Created by Unknown

Containing Your Work

dual use safety first wtf - 5778332160
Created by Adonis