There, I Fixed It


I Love It When Fixers Travel

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By Tiago


drill electricity Kludge safety - 3855516416
By Piku

Homicidal Outlet

electricity outlet safety first wtf - 5702812928
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cardboard box dual use electricity pizza - 4183522816
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electricity Kludge outlet sharpie - 4014545152
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I Don't Think It Works This Way

battery electricity tape video games - 4579945472
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The New Drainpipe Looks Great

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electricity fire hazard lamp - 4318711296
By D3V011

Adapt to Survive

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By Brian

Heating the Outdoor Pool the Old-Fashioned Way

electricity Germany heating pool radiator - 6449086464
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HackBook Amateur

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By Unknown

Grounding It to Earth: You're Doing It Right

electricity g rated power showerhead there I fixed it - 6497990912
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Never Travel Without Your Coathanger and Pliers

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By Xoxidburger

World's First Power Strip

dangerous electricity homemade power strip wtf - 4790807296
By Unknown

California, Meet Finland

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By Jammu