There, I Fixed It


Must Have Been Fixed at a Veteran's Hospital

electricity safety first tape - 5446330112
By Szabi from Hungary

Too Much Kludge To Handle

electricity lamps wiring wtf - 4497154304
By KraftyKitten

Hot Dog Immersion Cooker

cooking electricity safety first wtf - 5050763264
By Unknown

Mad Science Monday: It Doesn't Get Madder Than This

electricity Mad Science Monday wtf - 5130817792
By Unknown


dangerous electricity messy power lines wires - 3903019008
By Unknown
electricity green energy solar power Video - 16441089

Let Me Enlighten You

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When Earthing, Remember The Earth

electricity Professional At Work - 5561639936
By weazzel

There Are Many Things to be Worried About Here

electricity plumbing shower wtf - 5866605312
By Dremdosh

Heating the Outdoor Pool the Old-Fashioned Way

electricity Germany heating pool radiator - 6449086464
By TheLion (Via Adler Support)

Homemade Robot Has a Minor Flaw

electricity gifs Hall of Fame robot - 5229659136
By Unknown

What's a Circuit Limit?

electrical fire electricity power strip - 4857960704
By Red_Squirrel (Via

Concrete: The World's Newest Conductor

electricity FAIL power lines Professional At Work - 4369998080
By Unknown

Power Squid Exacts His Revenge

dangerous electrical fire electricity power strip - 4706919168
By Mark

This is Why You Shouldn't Hire Me

contractor electricity Professional At Work safety first - 5641911808
By CoJaBo

It's Better Than Bad, It's Good

electricity log Professional At Work wood - 4213173760
By Neil Hoh

Enjoy It, It Will Be Your Last

computer repair dangerous electricity ice laptop water damage - 4716832768
By Unknown
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