There, I Fixed It


Fire Hazard? What's That?

electricity fire hazard nails plug power strip - 5620567040
Created by el.carl2

Off the Grid

electricity outlet plug power socket - 6483949056
Created by EddieOffermann

HackBook Amateur

apple products dangerous electricity - 4275573504
Created by Unknown

Portable Hot Dog Zapper

cooking electricity food wtf - 5562770688
Created by Unknown

Good Thing You Had a Mobo in Your Pocket

bathroom computer repair electricity lights - 5672551936
Created by Eddiie

Mad Science Monday: I Guess Everyone Has a Generator in Their Garage

cars electricity generator Mad Science Monday - 5554298880
Created by mattpik2

Interrupting the Circuit

plug outlet electricity - 6922801920
Created by devilfish13

I'm Not Going To Be The First One To Try This

electricity extension cord outlet safety first wtf - 4809576704
Created by zebulonjohn

"If You'd Like to Make a Call, Please Hang Up and Try Again..."

electricity phone wires wiring - 6184489984
Created by Ray

Fluffy Fix

dual use electricity lamp lights - 4933729024
Created by Katie

Cardboard Electricians Are The Best

dangerous electricity safety first sign warning - 5442886656
Created by laxboss

You're Grounded!

outlets electricity - 7189155584
Created by Smeeon

Hot Dog Immersion Cooker

cooking electricity safety first wtf - 5050763264
Created by Unknown

Take That, Gravity

electricity holding it up lights rubber band - 4337331968
Created by bootysweat47

The Color's Been A Bit Burnt Out Recently

antenna dangerous dual use electricity kitchen toaster - 4529821696
Created by Unknown

Shockingly Good Placement

dangerous electricity power outlet water - 4703102976
Created by Mark