There, I Fixed It


Eclectic Fence Co.

electricity fence Professional At Work - 5413975040
Created by Gipfelstuermer

The Color's Been A Bit Burnt Out Recently

antenna dangerous dual use electricity kitchen toaster - 4529821696
Created by Unknown

Adapter FAIL

dangerous electrical fire electricity power strip tape - 4743006976
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This is Why You Shouldn't Hire Me

contractor electricity Professional At Work safety first - 5641911808
Created by CoJaBo

I C What You Did There

battery dangerous dual use electricity flashlight tape - 4790393600
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This Will Help Me Hate My Foot Less

electricity power strip - 4582848000
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Portable Hot Dog Zapper

cooking electricity food wtf - 5562770688
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Ungrounded Idea

electricity outlet safety first - 5647087616
Created by Wil

Off the Grid

electricity outlet plug power socket - 6483949056
Created by EddieOffermann


drill electricity Kludge safety - 3855516416
Created by Piku

Shockingly Good Placement

dangerous electricity power outlet water - 4703102976
Created by Mark

Our Primary Concern is for People to Get Their Electricity Back

nyc telephone poles electricity telephone wires - 6721233408
Created by Unknown

In a Pinch

wires electricity pliers g rated there I fixed it - 6952138240
Created by Jedi Dan

No Way This is Up to Code Standards

beach electricity wires - 6099414272
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Homicidal Outlet

electricity outlet safety first wtf - 5702812928
Via Reddit

Hot Dog Immersion Cooker

cooking electricity safety first wtf - 5050763264
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