There, I Fixed It


Go Plug Yourself!

electricity plug socket wires - 6140033792
By Unknown

I Don't Know What Going On Here, But I Approve

electricity extension cord outlet - 5427114496
By Unknown


electricity more power power stealing - 4113902592
By boyincity


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By Unknown

Minty Fresh Fix

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By teajay

I C What You Did There

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By Unknown

Concrete: The World's Newest Conductor

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By Unknown

Adapter FAIL

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Too Much Kludge To Handle

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By KraftyKitten

Fire Hazard? What's That?

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By el.carl2

Homemade Robot Has a Minor Flaw

electricity gifs Hall of Fame robot - 5229659136
By Unknown

"If You'd Like to Make a Call, Please Hang Up and Try Again..."

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By Ray

Cardboard Electricians Are The Best

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By laxboss

Prepared For The Inevitable

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By Unknown

It's Better Than Bad, It's Good

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By Neil Hoh