There, I Fixed It


Interrupting the Circuit

plug outlet electricity - 6922801920
By devilfish13


cautionary fail dangerous electricity - 4229061120
By Unknown

The Neighbors Strike Again!

electricity neighbors outlet theft - 5191588352
By Unknown

What a Leech

electrical fire electricity outlet stupidity - 5277226240
By Unknown

What's a Circuit Limit?

electrical fire electricity power strip - 4857960704
By Red_Squirrel (Via

Power Protection

electricity power - 6689107456

Enjoy It, It Will Be Your Last

computer repair dangerous electricity ice laptop water damage - 4716832768
By Unknown

When Earthing, Remember The Earth

electricity Professional At Work - 5561639936
By weazzel

Eclectic Fence Co.

electricity fence Professional At Work - 5413975040
By Gipfelstuermer

Mr. Fluffikins! What Did You Do?!

animals Cats electrical fire electricity wiring - 4725155840
By murilo_silva

The Color's Been A Bit Burnt Out Recently

antenna dangerous dual use electricity kitchen toaster - 4529821696
By Unknown

No Way This is Up to Code Standards

beach electricity wires - 6099414272
By Unknown


bathroom electricity toilet wait wut - 3116463616
By Unknown

Now Let's Just Get These Power Lines Turned Back On

dangerous electricity ladder Professional At Work safety first - 4748665344
By Parker Jones

Good Thing You Had a Mobo in Your Pocket

bathroom computer repair electricity lights - 5672551936
By Eddiie

Portable Hot Dog Zapper

cooking electricity food wtf - 5562770688
By Unknown