There, I Fixed It


I Don't Think It Works This Way

battery electricity tape video games - 4579945472
Created by scottieniven

Fluffy Fix

dual use electricity lamp lights - 4933729024
Created by Katie

Homemade Robot Has a Minor Flaw

electricity gifs Hall of Fame robot - 5229659136
Created by Unknown

Power Squid Exacts His Revenge

dangerous electrical fire electricity power strip - 4706919168
Created by Mark

Electical Archaeology

electricity home improvement wiring - 5311503360

Interrupting the Circuit

plug outlet electricity - 6922801920
Created by devilfish13

Now Let's Just Get These Power Lines Turned Back On

dangerous electricity ladder Professional At Work safety first - 4748665344
Created by Parker Jones

We Need 2/3 Power!

computers dangerous electricity laptop wiring - 4394329600
Created by Unknown

Heating the Outdoor Pool the Old-Fashioned Way

electricity Germany heating pool radiator - 6449086464
Created by TheLion ( Via Adler Support )

Some Things Aren't Worth Fixing

dual use electricity frankenstein lamp wtf - 4510535168
Created by Unknown

Crafty Mice

electricity outlet power stealing - 5121735168
Created by Internauta

Oh That's an Interesting... Wait What?

electricity outlet wtf - 5696582912
Created by Unknown


electricity fire hazard lamp - 4318711296
Created by D3V011

Mr. Fluffikins! What Did You Do?!

animals Cats electrical fire electricity wiring - 4725155840
Created by murilo_silva

Power Protection

electricity power - 6689107456
Created by YTYTYT

Adapt to Survive

electricity plug socket - 6035898624
Created by Brian