There, I Fixed It

Trust me, This'll be Faster

transportation construction funny - 7541790976
By Unknown

Real Sustainable Eaters Grow Their Own Tables

furniture neat not a kludge - 5626618624
By Unknown

Best of Both Worlds

cars trunks there I fixed it g rated - 7997372160
By jmroberds

Is Your Fridge Running?

dangerous driving fridge moving day wtf - 5074689024
By CaffeineCarl

There I Pranked It

lights cords g rated there I fixed it - 7318223104
By Unknown

Only A Mad Hatter Would Think of This

safety first science - 4969972480
By grexxman

It'll Block Bad Air All Right!

plastic - 6332248320
By Unknown

Outta the Way!

hammock they see me rollin - 6378630912
By Unknown

Polish Beer + Ikea = Fixed

Cheezburger Image 5042443008
By Unknown

Cut The Grey Wire!

Cheezburger Image 4775784704
By elfo222

Hope You Won't Have to Register That

license plates lawn mowers funny - 7542634240
By yellow_pac_man

There, I Hid It

deliveries snow there I fixed it packages - 7983293440
Via SpokeyDokey_

How to Add Wheels to Your Camera

wheels webcam camera - 7003719424
By JJ Abraam

Stepping Up to the Task

ladders fences there I fixed it - 7873973504
By Simon

CPU Holiday Resort

computer case computer repair dual use Hall of Fame - 5088662272
By 93dt

Looks Like the Horses Union is on Strike Again

towing trailers truck - 4448228352
By Unknown