There, I Fixed It

At Least It's Got Plenty of Airflow

computer case computer repair - 4564211456
Created by Unknown

Computer Case Laptop Table

computer computer case laptop - 7074123776

Unlike the Mail on Sunday, Duct Tape Delivers

mailbox duct tape - 7094266368
Created by Unknown

It's Wood and Tree-Shaped

christmas trees there I fixed it wood - 7916755456
Via Izismile

For Those Without Children

lawn mowers funny - 7625626624

Seriously! ONE. JOB.

road paint you had one job g rated there I fixed it - 7044751872
Created by Mission_Possible

The Ultimate Glue Decision Chart

glue graph neat not a kludge - 5444128512

And That's Our Shower Cabinet

cabinet plumbing shower wtf - 4280794624
Created by M.C.

WiFi Antenna for Dummies

router wifi - 6790453504
Created by Unknown

Dorm Room Movie Theaters

dorm room laptop - 6615841024
Created by Ray

No 2014 For You!

there I fixed it - 7994671616
Created by maelingmak

Dad's Laziness Results in Kids' Ingenuity

kids tables funny - 7682812928
Created by terotah


coat hanger drill kitchen wire - 4178468096
Created by gabialex

DIY Aircraft Carrier

boat plane wtf - 4987134464
Created by Vanos_Ira

Finally Off Those Crutches? Time to Sweep!

crutches tape there I fixed it - 7872925184
Created by Unknown

More Complicated Than a Sex Change

adapter electronics outlets plugs - 4416260608
Created by shoxcorp

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