There, I Fixed It

Your Shipment of Alien DVDs Has Arrived

extension mailbox meta winter - 4518340096
By bob

Best Way To Fix a $5,000 Instrument

instrument tape - 4858111488
By alinacat602

Hold On Tight!

car couch moving rack sofa - 6254202624
By Evan

Go Meat!

cars Close Enough tail lights - 4346221056
By Biats

Weed Whacked

clever tools zip ties - 4440754176
By Doug

Screen Refuses to Stay Down?

projector screen - 7039624192
By yoshi1277

Xbox 360: The Breakfast of Champions

xbox 360 - 6717533184
By Unknown


Kludge ladder not a ladder safety - 3968935936
By Unknown

Bungies? Naw, Tape it Down!

duct tape funny trucks - 7634715648
By 1000wattwarlock

No Chip Clips?

hanger - 6148188416
By celder58

Multi-tasking vehicle

abomineering cars dual use rv wtf - 4552482048
By Pete

Make Your Own Super-Bubbles

DIY g rated there I fixed it - 7245239296
By Unknown
faucet plumbing sink Video water weird wtf - 20574209

He's a Thirsty Little Guy

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Just as Good as New Miniblinds

duct tape there I fixed it funny - 7712514816
Via starchyrice


alarm clock duct tape speaker traffic cone - 4056340992
By Unknown


car fail car fix frankenstein mirror - 6146509568
By shobo81