There, I Fixed It


lawn mower shopping cart - 4222835200
By Unknown

Toilet Under Construction

bathroom Hall of Fame honey bucket outhouse restroom toilet seat traffic cone - 6184468736
By Unknown

Beer on the Edge

beer beer can gardening - 6358087936
By Brian Ashworth (Via A New House)

An Eleven Minute Ad Break Should Pay Those Bills

ads there I fixed it - 7924975872
By (Via

Mad Science Monday: Taking SETI To The Streets

cars duct tape Mad Science Monday satellite dish wtf - 4659999232
By Unknown

He Didn't Pay The Troll Toll

bridge dangerous DIY tax dollars at work - 4998454016
By NestorMunoz

Maybe You Should Have Put The Sticker On Earlier

cars dual use lights sticker - 5425952512
By pissusmymissus

The Lowrider

skateboard - 6061828608
By Unknown

Moving Day is Here Again

moving day oversize load - 7079863040
By Unknown

The King of Tiki Torches

beer beer bottle - 6391106560
By Unknown

When Soldiers Need a Capo

guitar pen - 6884402176
By pron00b

Just Build Around It

walls workaround there I fixed it - 7862212096
By Tobi Wan Kenobi (Via

When You Become a Kludge Master, You Transcend the Realm of the Mundane

bike g rated Hall of Fame motorcycle there I fixed it - 6413759232
By Unknown

An Arousing Way to Scare the Birds

barn - 6961586432
By Mila

Who Needs a Paintbrush?

Cheezburger Image 5886670080
By Unknown


more power - 2969754112
By Matt