There, I Fixed It

Merry Christmas From the Lab!

christmas tree merry christmas - 6876066048
Created by Caffinehog


recycling-is-good-right - 3000890368
Created by J. Peterson

Nyaaaaah, What's Up Doc?

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Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Mad Science Monday: Souper Delivery Service

dangerous Finland Mad Science Monday sled snow - 4784019968
Created by Unknown

Double Stairs, Twice the Fun

ladder safety first painting - 7042340864
Created by Elemental Code

Ingenious Roof Repair at a Small Town Bowling Alley

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Created by Unknown


construction Professional At Work road work tax dollars at work - 3562337792
Created by Unknown

GPS Comes Standard

bike google maps gps motorbike motorcycle phone smartphone - 6316425472
Created by Ncrpts
Moments of failure and chaos | bulldozer flipped over and stuck in a ditch hole in the ground | knocked over cartons of eggs yolk spilled on the floor

Misfortune Monday: The World is Unpredictable

It's impossible to prepare for everything.
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Finally, Grandma Knit Me Something Useful

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Created by Unknown


computer parts hammer hard drive nail - 4215647488
Created by nickel.pl8ed

DIY Assassin's Creed Blade

DIY g rated neat not a kludge there I fixed it video games YT video - 5719309312
Via Make


bunk bed computer Mission Improbable school unsafe - 3288175360
Created by Unknown

It Totally Fits

pickup truck boat funny there I fixed it - 7619428096
Created by Unknown

Konfederate Kludging

motorboat rednecks south - 6191796480
Created by Unknown

Now I'm Confused!

door front door door handle - 7074511360
Created by skimmy29