There, I Fixed It

When There is a Will, There is a Weigh

hangers clever food funny g rated there I fixed it - 7455652608

How to Get Up in the Morning Without a Snooze

alarm alarm clock - 6596144640
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Meanwhile in Italy

dual use moped scooter woody - 4815225088
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bottle Kludge plastic toilet Video - 6402049


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I Wasn't Aware That You Could Use Car Parts to Hold Duct Tape Together

parking lots car repair duct tape - 7353111808

That's How.

duct tape funny - 7571907328

Just Diggin' Around The Ol' Watering Hole

boat dual use paddle shovel tools - 4768105728
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awesome boat Kludge lawn chair - 3757360128
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How Convenient!

hotel phone - 4153301504
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Support Shovel

support pipes - 7168226560
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A Fraction of the Power

headlight flashlight - 7095822336
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Extreme Snowshoveling

bicycle shovel snow - 5953650432

Little Nemo Thought He Was Done With This

bed bicycle moving day - 4945785344

Probably The Best Use For a Chastity Belt

dual use locked up overkill security - 4886471168
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Latvian A/C is Having a Rough Day

air conditioner europe holding it up Professional At Work - 4556893952
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What to Do With Old Bicycle Parts

bicycles showers - 7355641088
Created by tjones5516

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