There, I Fixed It

Those Light Switches Are Always So Dirty...

soap dispenser funny there I fixed it light switch - 7803927040
Created by Unknown

Stores Are Really Cutting Their Budgets

block shopping cart wheels - 5623061504
Created by Unknown

Soaking Up The Rain

cars dual use sponge windshield windshield wipers - 5233284608
Created by Unknown

Sometimes All You Need To Fix

cool Hall of Fame not a kludge product - 5281427712
Created by Unknown

A Little Rope Should Do It

utility poles rope there I fixed it - 7846281216
Created by Enzo

You Must Be THIS Short to Ride the Escalator

escalator stairs - 6320515584
Created by Unknown
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The Record-Setting Rube Goldberg Machine

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Steep Up, Fool!

ladder stairway bucket step ladder - 6831199744
Created by Bbrown0921

Where'd We Put The Leftovers?

construction Professional At Work wtf - 5293286400
Created by pyfle42

Pass Me The 15 Wood Please

classy golf sports - 4906322432
Created by shaynaboo11

Thank God It's Not a Stroller

2x4 bicycle bike clever towing - 4913411072
Created by Olivier

I Should Be a Plumber

plumber shower bath bathtub bathroom pliers g rated there I fixed it - 6747879168
Created by thatguyonherenow

Keychain Not Included

car keys drill ignition Keychain g rated there I fixed it - 6945892864
Created by Randall Embry ( Via randallembry )

Approved By The Authorities

bumper cars holding it up wire - 5193825536
Created by Ems

Homestyle Cooking

cooking fireplace Hall of Fame spit - 4372534016
Created by Unknown

It's Like Stealing Signs from a Baby

signs funny air conditioners - 7585888512
Created by Chris