There, I Fixed It

No! It's Not Bike Enough!

bicycle bike motorbike motorcycle - 6544355840

No "C" Batteries? No Problem

speakers kludges batteries - 7301896704
Created by onex

The Only Way to Make Those Hard Plastic Chairs Comfortable

chairs duct tape there I fixed it - 7783107584

Really Trims Those Shingles

house lawnmower roof - 4135098368
Created by master baiter

The Internet Must Flow!

brazil internet internet connection signal - 6317099520
Created by Unknown

Don't Watch Anything Surprising

chair dual use water bottle - 5652811008
Created by el.carl2


holding it up Office Professional At Work - 4346383360
Created by spanky762


Follow Up lawn mower paint job - 2909560832
Created by clapeza

Got Power Line Clearance Issues?

mailbox pole telephone pole - 6574857728
Created by batteryguy

Cupholders AND Cutlery Holders

cars driving dual use fork silverware - 5701315328
Created by Safa Emre

As Long as You Don't Plan on Moving Your Car, I Guess

cars air conditioning funny - 7583029248
Created by Unknown

Riding the Short Bus Was Never This Cool

g rated Hall of Fame monster truck school bus short bus there I fixed it tires wheels - 6301309952

A Cheap Fix For an Expensive Gate

zip ties there I fixed it - 7881662464
Created by diamondchick1

They See Me Rollin...

clever scooter old people motorcycle funny g rated there I fixed it - 7446753792

2 Rooms, 1 A/C

air conditioner Professional At Work - 4502483712
Created by Unknown

Round Tire, Round Hole. What's The Problem?

contstruction dual use tax dollars at work tire - 5146304768
Created by spacetime10