There, I Fixed It

Sorry for the Convenience

its a trap star wars stairs - 7151019264
By Unknown

Technically, It's Not a Tripod Anymore

camera cell phone holding it up rope tripod - 4638873088
By justinashar

A Snappy Solution

glasses there I fixed it rubber bands g rated - 7913342464
Via Izismile

Suck It, Lance Armstrong

bicycle bike g rated there I fixed it - 6969070336
By Haunebu (Via The Daily Mail)

Perfectly Safe

scaffolding construction balancing act - 7016372480
By DoctorTwo


cardboard construction hat Professional At Work tax dollars at work - 3723488256
By Unknown

Modified For Wyoming Winters

bulldozer car dual use frankenstein - 5153712384
By Pete Whiting

Universally Utilitarian!

remote remote control - 6745784576
By Unknown

Fire to Dig a Hole!

military shovel weapons - 4136585216
By Unknown

Drinking In The Shower Has Its Perks

bathroom kludge beer can plumbing - 5015234048
By nevinjhill

The Urge For Coffee

coffee filter - 5998823168
By Foli

It's Better Than Bad, It's Good

electricity log Professional At Work wood - 4213173760
By Neil Hoh

Fitting a Square Mirror in a Round Hole

mirror - 7054245632
By PostItNote

It's How We Ride Up in Saskatchewan

abomination frankenstein Hall of Fame motorcycle snowmobile wtf - 4352527872
By Unknown

No More Power Outages

rake power lines funny there I fixed it - 7720631552
By silver217 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

The Flintstone's Mail Box

mail box rocks stones - 5964983552
By Faith Fuller