There, I Fixed It

Has a Nice Ring To It

bottle doorbell dual use Professional At Work - 4866914304
Created by Rob

So Many Choices, So Much Time

bathroom toilet paper why wtf - 4411033600
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Cheezburger Image 7152355584
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OK, I Guess it COULD Use Some Realignment

there I fixed it ramps - 7952345344
Created by camper2k

Every Rose Has it's Match Sticks?

gardening flowers - 7214401792
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bathroom bathtub computer hidden - 4236747008
Created by Unknown

If You Think Your Job Sucks...

wires - 6824225792
Created by Unknown

There, I Hid It

deliveries snow there I fixed it packages - 7983293440
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lights note signs - 4265773056
Created by SE

Heating Coffee Without Microwave Noises

lamps there I fixed it coffee - 7945596160
Created by ricardo

You COULD Rewire Everything...

elevators duct tape there I fixed it g rated - 7879559168
Via ThatGuy

Why did we even print "JAPAN" on it?

funny there I fixed it - 7715960576
Created by Snozz

The Great Shovel Famine of '12

dual use snow tax dollars at work winter - 5796883968
Created by Unknown


ceiling make it fit shower tile - 3277804032
Created by Cyberkedi

Dive Into Kludging

ladder swimming pool - 6345627648
Created by BPerry2

Squirt Directly Into Your Mouth

dual use food Hall of Fame poll - 5174216192
Created by Unknown