There, I Fixed It


Professional At Work towing wtf - 4178467328
By Unknown

A-Door-able A/C support

air conditioner bad puns holding it up - 4581925120

We're Done Repaving the Lot

cars parking lot there I fixed it - 7891490048
By Unknown

It's Only a Little Screwed Up

car door door lock screw - 6540936448
By Audrey

This Pipeline Goes Right Through Traffic!

pipe russia - 6503218432
By anon

Fastest Carving Job Ever

food power tools there I fixed it g rated - 7978811648
By Unknown

Try Jiggling The White Wire

electrical fire Professional At Work wires - 4388014336
By Ea

High Tech Support System

dangerous holding it up painting Professional At Work safety first - 4644755200
By Unknown

It's the Prius of Office Chairs

office chair Prius stool wood - 6613010432
By Unknown

There, It's LOUDER

apple products dual use iphone ipod - 4872199936
By Egrofail

The Hood's Fixed

cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7816467200
By LyokoTravels (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)


computer parts cooling fan overkill - 3660209664
By Unknown

National Geographic Has Some Great Fixing Ideas

cable dual use toothbrush wire - 4872738816
By pinhead

You Said to Make it Look Festive

computers there I fixed it - 7939561216
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Ready to ROCK

guitars spoons funny - 7552371712
By ToshiroK.Arai

Fire Up the Fireplace Air Conditioning!

air conditioner space heater - 6197664000
By Nasmork