There, I Fixed It

DVD Belt Repair

Cheezburger Image 6025678592
Created by Wowaxx

The Alarmed Gate Works Perfectly...

gates security system there I fixed it - 7365333504
Created by college student

Stand By Me, Beer!

beer musician - 6036556800
Created by Unknown

There's AAA, and Then There's Just A

dangerous holding it up safety first towing trucks - 4670573568
Created by Unknown

New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority's "Snow Clearing" Train

nyc train - 7058721024
Via Neatorama

Being Prepared: You're Doing It Right

hurricane - 6720564480
Created by Unknown

Soap Dispenser Fix

soap - 7003665920
Created by mick


dangerous fire hazard power cord power strip - 4835488256
Created by daniel

We "Serve" Great Tasting Food

signs funny - 7675821824
Created by ashlyp

Fencey Had a Late Night

fence holding it up - 4731939840
Created by Simon Wilde

The New Knob

air conditioning dashboard knob - 6600926464
Created by pristinepanda

Weed Whacked

clever tools zip ties - 4440754176
Created by Doug

A Close Forking Shave

dual use fork hot glue razor shaving - 4099719680
Created by Unknown

This Toothbrush is... Electrifying...

there I fixed it toothbrush - 6224289792
Created by Unknown

Bombs Away!

storage roof rack microwave - 7106738688
Created by Unknown

ADA Approved

urinal ada bathroom - 7084819968
Created by CheddarBlimp

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