There, I Fixed It

I Think the Engine's Flooded

car repair - 7150963200

When You See It....

flashlight headlight scooter - 4461099776
Created by Unknown

Next, a Homemade Bidet

bathroom humor funny toilets - 7518159104
Created by meganeguard ( Via helen-ohara.tumblr )

Invited Too Many People to Dinner

shoes there I fixed it tables - 7978986240
Created by zwmm01

Looks Good!

car fix car fail duct tape - 6967333376
Created by avduevskij

Objects in Mirror May Be "Fixed"

mirrors kludges car repairs - 7315462400
Created by Unknown

Who Needs Real Mudflaps?

funny there I fixed it - 7577363456
Created by littleasianme

This Way to Hogwarts

stairway to nowhere stairway - 6748377856

"Alfred, Get the Batcart Ready"

batman Hall of Fame the dark knight rises - 6375043840

Floodlight Mount Broken? No Problem!

high chair log stump - 6547872512
Created by Unknown

Outta the Way Nerds, I'm Late for Mystery Solving!

minivan paint job - 6991451648

Cardboard and Cable Ties

bicycle bike cardboard there I fixed it fender funny - 7719947264
Via therumpusroom

I'm No Engineer, But...

brick g rated Hall of Fame pallet there I fixed it - 6343704320
Created by cronkitesatellite

Mad Troll Science Monday: I Think Even PETA Will Approve

animals g rated Hall of Fame Mad Science Monday there I fixed it - 5697429248
Created by dlasselle.3.14159

Tinfoil Hat Sold Separately

wood - 3761684480
Created by Schazzy

Mountain Broo

bottle broom mountain dew plastic two liter - 6137848064
Via Pense de Novo

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