There, I Fixed It

Need to Grill on the Go?

bbq camping dangerous grill - 4306548480
By Unknown

Someone Peeled the Label Off?

labels there I fixed it - 7895779328
By 141398

Too Much Love On The Love Seat

furniture holding it up Shaky Support Systems - 5413817856
By Unknown

Sneaky Sneak Leveling

computer dual use tools video games wrench - 5635342592
By bwillb (Via
cars dangerous towing truck Video wtf - 15386369

U-Haul? I'll Stick With My Crown Vic

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MacGyver Phone Charger

keys batteries funny paper clips there I fixed it phone charger - 7787106816
By gsimon

There I Fixed It: This Diet Sucks!

g rated Hall of Fame silverware spoon there I fixed it - 6079152384
By Unknown

That's Using Your Noodle!

chopsticks Hall of Fame - 6012323584
By yeehacmhmaint1

Some Men Are Just Big Babies

high chair wtf - 2892109056
By Joey

Extreme Snowshoveling

bicycle shovel snow - 5953650432
By Unknown


Cheezburger Image 3821277696
By Unknown


electrical hazard mirror socket - 3169995776
By Unknown


dual use Music musician not a kludge - 4202743552
By 20cents

Oh Bears, You So Fancy

bathroom kludge nature toilet - 5036862208
By Unknown

Put Up Signs to Answer FAQs

signs there I fixed it g rated - 7995854336
By Unknown

See What Happens When You Jump, Kids?

dual use holding it up tools - 4941136896
By cheesepants