There, I Fixed It

Not-A-Kludge: Cartridge System

nerdy not a kludge video games - 4577526528
Created by Unknown ( Via )

Scooting with Duct Tape

scooters duct tape there I fixed it - 7838370048
Created by nja2890


keyboard make it work pun recycling-is-good-right - 3373384192
Created by Ben

Much Comfier Now

couches there I fixed it - 7937975040
Via Izismile

Have an End Table, But No Security System? Problem Solved.

funny - 7649809408

WiFi Protection? Check.

technology wifi foil - 7275653120
Created by A.

You Had 4-by-7 Jobs to Do!

tiles - 6601977600

That's Not a Regulation Table

dual use ping pong table toilet paper - 5168892928
Created by Unknown
dangerous jeep Video wheel - 10577153


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So That's How Egypt Shut Off the Phones

cell phones clothing locked up wtf - 4444311808
Created by Unknown

Go Fighting Kludges!

holding it up ladders Professional At Work school stable - 4408133632
Created by TPS Report

Those Who Garage Sale Together...

holding it up moving day tape - 5355952640
Created by Unknown

The Measure of a Good Brew

coffee dual use kitchen kludge ruler - 5498893568
Created by Butchmanring

In The Hot Seat

art chair not a kludge radiator wtf - 5102113024
Created by -Ghost-

Tap That Ash!

beer bottle bottle - 6537421312
Created by yandim

I'm Grounded!

electrician screws there I fixed it - 7954400256
Created by dullman07 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

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