There, I Fixed It

We're Done Repaving the Lot

cars parking lot there I fixed it - 7891490048
By Unknown
dual use lawnmower Video wheelchair - 24215297

Can't Tell If Lazy or Brilliant

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add-on back to the future hinges mod van - 3495017216
By Unknown

You Can Go Bigger

computer fan computer repair fan overkill - 4675337984
By Unknown

Zip Ties to the Rescue!

zip ties glasses broken funny - 7579724800
By anotaai

Smart Men Rent a U-Haul

cars moving funny g rated there I fixed it - 7686143232
By Unknown

A Picture's Worth 1000 Gigabytes

flatscreen frame laptop picture frame prop screen stand tablet - 6063331584
By Shard

Wheelchairs on the Fly

deck chair lawn chair wheelchairs - 6547404800
By Masters (Via Fernanda Familiar)

Rollin' in Style

gifs they see me rollin wheelchair - 6991219200
Via Señor Gif

When You Can't Afford a New Printer

fork duct tape funny there I fixed it g rated - 7728001024
Via nearlyisms
mouse Video - 42731521

The Vertical Mouse

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Ready For Tuning

there I fixed it - 7819752448
By Unknown

Like a Glove

cars moving day overkill - 5130359040
By Unknown

You Know You've Always Wanted To

cars funny parking - 7486364928
By Unknown

Fixin' Page Tears Medieval-Style

funny g rated there I fixed it - 7591943680
Via Uppsala University

Now That's an Auto-Focus!

camera digital camera - 6738321920
By Sophie Aust