There, I Fixed It

Extreme Water Recycling

extreme recycle recycling sink toilet water - 6128402432
By ChrisChagares

Moisture Solution

ceiling leaks - 7244785920
By Caracara

Edward Moved On To Boosting Cars After His Hedge Trimming Business Failed

cars locked up suv - 4794535680
By Shashasha

Hotmail Is Getting a Makeover

barbecue dual use home repair mailbox - 4695744256
By Unknown

Authentic Foil-Brick Pizza

food kitchen kludge oven pizza - 4728302592
By skaduskitai

The Brick-B-Q

barbecue bbq bbq grill bricks grill - 6145807104
By Unknown


bucket hygiene tied together - 3004843520
By Unknown

Meanwhile, In Thailand Pt. 2

dual use flood thailand - 5376669952

Who Says Windows Have to Be Transparent?

aluminum foil windows cars there I fixed it - 7835130112
By Matt

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

genius guy genius meme genius - 6812601088
By Unknown

No Filter? No Problem

coffee maker funny there I fixed it - 7449281280
By Xavier88

Girls' Dollhouses Have Changed Over the Years

computer computer tower - 6561874944
By Unknown
bottle Kludge plastic toilet Video - 6402049


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dangerous freeway wheelchair who needs a trailer - 3952286976

I Said Side Panels, Not Solar Panels

cars dual use duct tape wtf - 4358777088
By edgar flores

Too Much is Never Enough

security locks gates - 7335890176
By Envoid