There, I Fixed It

This is NOT How to Fix the Problem

funny there I fixed it - 7772539904
Created by cherryblossom

Makeshift Speedometer

cars there I fixed it - 7901446144
Created by fleetwil

These Must Smell Great!

bicycle bike gross product sponge - 4800965632
Created by Colorandom


forklift pool Professional At Work waterproof - 4106760960


bathtub clamps dual use vice grips - 4233922816
Created by Magic Steve

There's a hole in the road.

cone pothole funny - 7439565056
Created by iflykites

Thanks, Dad

dads there I fixed it tape g rated parenting - 7939548160
Via tastefully offensive tumblr

How to Help You Sing Better in the Shower...

shower g rated funny there I fixed it - 7439283456

Only in Russia...

russia brick g rated there I fixed it - 6725851136
Created by Unknown

Are You SATAsfied Yet?

computer hard drive sata - 5981025024
Created by jimschezlick

A Very Accessible Brand of Music

ada accessible disabled wheelchair - 6748415488

How the Grinch Made Christmas Easy

Cheezburger Image 7953870080


car cell phone Mission Improbable rubber band workaround - 2887169280
Created by a friend of mine made it

Ice To See You

safety first snow winter - 4577023232
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We Only Allow Handicapped People In GREAT Shape

Hall of Fame handicapped Professional At Work ramp wtf - 5018492416
Created by master baiter

Put a Tap on It!

beer food Hall of Fame keg tap - 5281648384