There, I Fixed It

Yeah, It Moonlights as My Toolshed. So What?

trailers canopy shed - 6931409408
Created by mutantcornholio

Big Brother is Watching You Kludge

camera CCTV security camera Video - 6109949440
Created by Unknown

You Sometimes Just Have To Bring In Outside Help

cars dangerous heater radiator - 4464280576
Created by Unknown

Lithuanians Don't Share The Road

bicycle car door cars dual use wtf - 4746754816

Clearly Built Without a Slide Rule

dangerous playground Professional At Work slide - 5229501696
Created by tylermart

Eye See Now!

sunglasses glasses - 7016659968
Created by katana.1979

The New Drainpipe Looks Great

electricity there I fixed it - 7876345344
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Lost a Wheel?

funny there I fixed it wheels desk chair - 7712573184
Created by SquirrelRacer49

Hey, it Works

repair cars funny there I fixed it - 7776159488
Created by VolcanoTX

The Tree Serves a Purpose

trees pavement parking lots signs - 7163909632
Created by Andy


duct tape gps phone steering wheel - 3132180480
Created by Unknown

Count The American Stereotypes

AMERRICA cars cup holder duct tape - 5139352320
Created by trevor dalton

Historical Thursday: Pompeii's Trash Problem

Hall of Fame Historical Thursday - 5720140544
Created by Unknown

Needs Moar Canopy

car fix canopy pickup truck car fail - 6862562304
Created by Greg


ceiling computer hanging screen tied together - 3680527104
Created by Unknown

The Unwobbable

chairs furniture holding it up wtf - 5478681600
Created by buildinatree