There, I Fixed It

Pinstripe Hubcap

wires cars - 7153171200

This Is Not How You Get Rid of Errors

computer repair FAIL hard drive wtf - 4553940480
Created by n3n0n3n

This Took Years of Memorization

dual use remote control television - 5079869440
Created by xBenny78x

Hang on, What are You Listening to?

Music coat hangers headphones funny - 7574201856
Created by bruce

Money Laundering

laundry money - 6888861696
Created by Kiwi47

De-Icing the Refrigerator

refrigerator fridge g rated there I fixed it - 6967385600
Created by TJ

Coffee Break! (Broken)

broken clever coffee machine DIY - 5062302720
Created by Jim

Sergei Knievel Sets Up His First Jump

cars dual use ramp winter - 5500967936
Created by Unknown

World's First Power Strip

dangerous electricity homemade power strip wtf - 4790807296
Created by Unknown

That New Mirror Just Blends Right In!

mirror - 6128551424
Created by DGKaye

I Would Have Gone With a Hacksaw

careful computer repair keyboard - 4689190400
Created by mikestamper

Barking Sensor

animals cars dogs tail light - 5842691584
Created by @pasqualon


car engine Kludge - 4001347840
Created by Unknown

Yo Dawg, We Herd U Liek... Okay, You Know What, No. I'm Done.

motorcycle Xzibit yo dawg yo - 6414143744
Created by Unknown


coffee facepalm not intended use Office - 3492720128
Created by Unknown

"C'mon, You've Been In There For 9 Hours!"

bathroom bed bedroom toilet - 5970227968
Created by mauricerizat