There, I Fixed It

TIFI WIN: Go Ahead, Go Postal On Me

gun mailbox postal service - 6250572800
By Unknown

What Do You Call 4 Hoses and 1 Wrench?

plumber hoses water wrench g rated there I fixed it - 7706863616
By Kelley71111

Wood You Like to Pump Those Bike Tires?

there I fixed it wood - 7840003584
By Unknown

$250 for a New Key, or 2¢ in Duct Tape? It's a No Brainer

car keys kludges duct tape - 7145633536
By Phydeux

It's a Little Boxy, But It'll Do

boxes lamps there I fixed it - 7843024896
By Nan

The Harrowing Honda Odyssey

minivan stacking - 6106634240
By kublakhan666666 (Via Reddit)

Dumpster Diving

dumpster Hall of Fame pool trash - 5965964800
By el.carl2 (Via Louisa Dawson)

Set in Stone

stones - 7188809728
By Smeeon

Sam from "Clarissa Explains it All" Must Live Here

ladders funny - 7679169536
By Slick


American Flag car mod motorcycle not street legal - 3243875840
By Unknown

It's Knot Cooperating!

leak sink - 6444376064
By ShawnD

Kludge Ensemble

exercise holding it up ipad metal - 5698398464
By Justin

Engineering at Its Finest

laptops there I fixed it duct tape - 7939441152
By Saddened Laptop Owner

Dumpster Pool

pools funny g rated there I fixed it - 7652009472
By Unknown

Vacuuming Day

duct tape holding it up laziness - 5041081344
By Naich

Why Frederick, MD Is Called "Fredneck"

bridge Hall of Fame ladder river step ladder - 6330744832
By Dub