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12 images and text images from reddit, dog ate ps5 controllers | thumbnail image of ps5 controller with bite marks destroyed text

Gamer Excitedly Saves Up For A Year To Buy PS5, Dog Excitedly Destroys Controllers

Mmmm doggo think xbox tastes better
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mass effect editing movies lol austin powers video games funny - 107508225

Austin Powers In Mass Effect Is The Mashup We Didn't Know We Needed

Everybody may like their own brand, but these two together are magic.
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gaming trolling troll hobby drama video games - 15461637

Redditor Tells the Epic Tale of the Game 'Creatures' and the Troll Who Trained the AI to Only Feel Pain

Troll creates AI creatures in video game that can only feel pain.
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FAIL hobby drama video games The Sims - 15406341

Monetization Goes Hilariously Wrong When 'The Sims' Tries To Monetize Dusting

The Sims tries to introduce dusting via DLC.
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Tetris trauma twitter

Twitter Thread: Tetris Can Reduce Mental Trauma

And they said video games were bad.
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Video Game Coverage cringe Awkward ridiculous video games Video - 107475457

Mom Yells At Son For Staying Home And Playing COD, Cringe Ensues

What a moment.
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impressive dancing awesome dance video games Video win - 107415553

Guy Goes Absolute Beast Mode On Dance Evolution

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speedrunner Video Game Coverage Mario Kart awesome mario kart 8 ridiculous video games - 107412225

Mario Kart 8 Speedrunner Perfects Blowing Himself Up

The precision at play here is superhuman.
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A funny Tumblr post about how Ash Ketchum is crazy strong.

Tumblr Post: Ash Ketchum's Actually A Shredded Monster

Ash, do you even lift, bro?
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cringe Awkward ridiculous video games video game logic Video - 107386369

Man Mistakenly Live Streams Wife Discovering His Tinder Account

That's a big whoops there, bud.
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An informative Twitter thread shines light on the treasure finding bug in Skyrim video game.

Informative Twitter Thread On Treasure Hack In Skyrim

Thanks, we loved it.
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madden FAIL glitches ridiculous video games video game logic funny Video - 107317249

Madden 22 Player Loses Game Due To Ridiculously Unrealistic TD Run

Oh, come on.
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funny skyrim memes

Skyrim Memes For A Ten-Year-Old Game That Are Still Relevant Somehow

It is eternal.
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FAIL Video Game Coverage cringe Awkward ridiculous video games video game logic Video - 107296257

Streamer Pretends To Play Game Of Halo, Gets Exposed

Dude, get out of here.
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funny memes about elder scrolls video games

Elder Scrolls Memes That Are As Tamriel As It Gets

Time for another kind of scrolling.
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Video Game Coverage cs go video games video game logic Video - 107243265

Programmer Masterfully Creates Self-Sabotaging CS:GO Cheats

Cheaters always lose in the end.
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