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Gaming Memes To Look At While Mindlessly Grinding XP

It's something to do.
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FAIL hobby drama video games The Sims - 15406341

Monetization Goes Hilariously Wrong When 'The Sims' Tries To Monetize Dusting

The Sims tries to introduce dusting via DLC.
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Minecraft player destroys kid's diamonds for no reason

Minecraft Player Reveals Their Most Vile, Underhanded Act

Our faith in humanity was dug up and then buried deeper.
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elder scrolls memes

Elder Scrolls Memes That Are As Inevitable As Cliff Racers

Stupid cliff racers.
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jokes gaming Memes gaming memes video games funny - 16375813

Gaming Memes To Grind Through On Hard

In only a few decades, video games went from being a weird sideshow of bleeps and bloops to a billion dollar industry and pastime for millions, complete with its own competitive leagues. Anyone who grew up through this time has witnessed the growth of beautiful artform only to have its wings clipped by constant microtransactions and identical sequels. Those 12-year-olds who were beating us at Halo and describing exactly what they did to our moms last night are now 26 year olds, still beating us…
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mass effect gaming editing lol 90s austin powers video games funny Video - 107833089

Part 2 Of Austin Powers In Mass Effect Is The Mashup We Needed More Of

A while back, an editing genius by the name of eli_handle_b․wav made a very fine send up of Austin Powers In Mass Effect. It made us feel good to watch in more ways than one. Maybe it's our age. Maybe it's the quality. Whatever it is there's more of it now and it makes us want to do horrible things with a tennis racket in a tent while a disgusted henchman watches our shadows.
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article FAIL mass effect gaming legend of zelda Duke Nukem halo pac man video games zelda mario - 448775

Video Game Sequels More Disappointing Than The Last Jedi

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age of empires jokes gaming lol silly video games funny - 16168709

Age Of Empires Memes That Bring Us Back To The Dark Ages

We could have spent our childhoods outside or doing things, but when “talking to girls” is competing with “converting an entire army of Persian war elephants to blue” those ladies stood as much of a chance as a men-at-arms has against a Cobra with a machine gun. Here's to all the time we spent trying to get out of the dark ages as quickly as possible. And here are some more video game memes.
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48 gaming memes | thumbnail left when cod players play halo 2 and are asking how to sprint, thumbnail right me wonders if there's fall damage *dies*

Delectable Video Game Memes For The Gamers Amongst Us

Game is life
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FAIL gaming pop culture top 10 video games funny - 435719

10 Biggest Power-Up Fails In Video Games

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guns reload first person jokes absurd lol ridiculous video games funny Video - 107737601

Dude Reloads Everyday Objects In First Person

So that's how you put a clip in a vacuum.
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Two kids opening presents on Christmas morning, excited looks on their faces

90s Christmas Gaming Nostalgia That Reminds Us of Those Joyful Mornings

From that moment on we were 'gamers', beholden to worlds that extended digitally beyond the scope of our wildest imaginations.
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3d animation needler lol dumb video games funny weird stupid - 107703553

3D Animator Gets Inspired By Hot Dog Needler Tweet, Makes It A Reality

So that's what it would be like.
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Guitar Hero speed wtf dragonforce lol video games Video through the fire and the flames - 107688705

Dude Completes "Through The Fire And The Flames" On 275% Speed For Some Reason

Well, it's been done.
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12 images and text images from reddit, dog ate ps5 controllers | thumbnail image of ps5 controller with bite marks destroyed text

Gamer Excitedly Saves Up For A Year To Buy PS5, Dog Excitedly Destroys Controllers

Mmmm doggo think xbox tastes better
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mass effect editing movies lol austin powers video games funny - 107508225

Austin Powers In Mass Effect Is The Mashup We Didn't Know We Needed

Everybody may like their own brand, but these two together are magic.
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