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People describe the socially acceptable behavior in "The Sims" video game that doesn't line up with real life.

Socially Acceptable Behavior In "The Sims" That Conflicts With Reality

Thank goodness life ain't like it is in The Sims.
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Woman tries to be a good girlfriend and ends up with two stolen license plates.

Woman Tries To Be A Good Girlfriend, Ends Up With Stolen License Plates

Her heart was absolutely in the right place.
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wholesome Video Game Coverage ridiculous video games funny - 106816513

Gamer Sings For Life, Wholesome Gold Ensues

Dude's got a voice.
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Stream completes guitar hero song Soulless 6 100%

Streamer Nails Song Intended To Be Impossible Joke

Dear lord.
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humor cracked video games Super Mario bros mario Video - 106735617

4 Real Super Mario Adventures Nintendo Doesn't Want Anybody Knowing About

And now we know.
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Video of piano being destroyed to produce sound effects for Halo game.

Halo Team Destroying A Piano For Sound Effects

Oh cool, a screaming piano.
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Video of engineering an extra big rumble pack for videogames

Video Game Rumble Gets Kicked Up Several Notches

Wow it's so immersive.
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Tony Hawk pro skater video game in real life

Tony Hawk Skating Real Life Warehouse Level

Tony deserves all the respect.
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playing super mario bros. on musical instrument Marimba

Man Plays Super Mario Bros. On Marimba, Legendary Performance Ensues

He's genuinely enjoying himself too.
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funny video of a real person acting like a video game character from Skyrim

Guy's Skyrim NPC Impersonation Is Ridiculously On Point

He's too good.
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Tumblr users pay homage to the fever dream game that was Forestia. | Holy shit this game amazed no end as kid eerie, strangely melancholic atmosphere and cute-yet-creepy characters were one thing, but kicked absolutely into overdrive player transported freakin' POST-APOCALYPTIC FUTURE timeline first its kind had ever seen. So terrifying is on par with all creepypasta FALSE childhood memories:

Tumblr Users Honor The Fever Dream Game That Was Forestia

Strangely intrigued.
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Oblivion NPCs Bee Gees Staying Alive cover video game characters

Oblivion NPCs Cover Bee Gees Song "Staying Alive"

The internet peaked.
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Funny, creepy, and cursed images from The Sims. | alexsuareasy: simsgonewrong: My kid having pool party and Grim reaper showed up and took whole plate grilled salmon rude | simsgonewrong He dreams be back on plate hot dog in a bun

Hilarious, Creepy, And Cursed Glitches From The Sims

Good old Sims glitches.
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An epic story about an Ultima Online gamer's epic revenge. | if fallout 76 really is world where every character is real person there's no NPCS im making my civic duty be like this lowly tavern barkeep and then once established enough rapport going nuke all west virginia and will be character

Ultima Online Gamer Nukes Fellow Players Out Of Orbit

An epic modern day saga.
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Guy scams a buyer for $600 over an Xbox One, but ends up getting taken out by pro revenge | scammed 600 an xbox with games never showed up? Let's humiliate entire family and close friends see. About 3 months ago buying an xbox one x with like 10 games on on which is Norwegian equivalent Craigslist Ebay contact seller and ask buy with tracked shipping pay up front because generally honor is pretty big thing Norway and stealing is very frowned upon, people usually follow up on sending with

Guy Gets Scammed For $600 Over Xbox, Humiliates Scammer

The dishonorable scammer learned a lesson.
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Design fail makes guy's game have a huge number of dislikes | SteroidsOnAsteroid TIFU by making my webgame one most disliked Russia M Obligatory didn't happen today, however realized my idiocy today am small game developer part-time also have regular job Since more than 1 year have been working alone on puzzle-platformer been thinking 2 years.

Design Fail Gives Guy's Game Crazy Amounts of Dislikes

The smallest mistakes can have big consequences.
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