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Guy's Twitter thread about his experience with dog following him around in Skyrim is perfect representation of the game. | Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton worst part Skyrim found dog whose owner died cabin, and then course had adopt dog bc not monster 9:34 PM 04 Apr 16 TweetDeck 8,121 Retweets 24.9K Likes Patrick Lent O· 04 Apr 16 v Replying PatrickLenton @PatrickLenton and fucking love this dog, but wondering around trying solve quests and save world and junk, but this good dog

Guy Shares Hilarious Story About His Skyrim Adventures

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A funny story about about Ultima Online | officialgarrusvakarian greyyourwarden shock if fallout 76 really is world where "every character is real person there's no NPCS im making my civic duty be like this lowly tavern barkeep and then once established enough rapport going nuke all west virginia and will be character

Ultima Online Player Takes Epic Revenge

Well done, sir.
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News report on Florida abstinence video game

The Time a Florida University Developed a $430,000 Abstinence Game

Wonder what ever happened to it?
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Funny mario kart jazz riff video

Jazz Guy Documents Ripping of Mario Lick

Doing the lick justice.
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Guy takes revenge on people that doubted his credibility in the video game industry | r/ProRevenge Join u/postfu Ridiculed, accused lying and incompetence shoved burning facts down their throats and made successful business process best revenge is massive success Frank Sinatra TL;DR; Told lying and didn't know anything about game design. Made spite video game became huge hit. Jackass is also forever immortalized within game credits. PREFACE

Man Counters Lame Accusations With Epic Spite Video Game

They barked up the wrong tree.
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memes about video games and gaming | Psychopaths Serial killers People who intentionally pick rude dialogue options games just make NPCS feel bad kids pressed into a corner terrified by a bunny | opponent is better than expected. diagram of a man leaning forward in a chair

Gaming Memes for The Highly Leveled

It's an NPC-eat-NPC world.
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funny video kid yells at dad to stop streaming and go outside

Son Demands Dad Stops Playing Video Games

Come on, dad.
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Gamer accidentally bottlenecks his PC for three years | r/tifu u/theRAMlord TIFU by accidentally severely bottlenecking my PC over 3 years. M TL;DR at bottom waffled built my first ever PC around 3.5 years ago s pretty budget but thought 500 spending on parts would be pretty decent. So follow couple youtube tutorials build and everything worked fine first try my absolute surprise. Over course 3 years, lI've never had one problem with other than pretty slow and could only run games on low

Gamer Accidentally Severely Bottlenecks PC For Years

That's a big whoops.
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video game gameplay irl in real life oblivion

Guy Reenacts Oblivion, Absolutely Nails It

This is art.
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Student's business project with Super Smash Bros spirals out of control and they get suspended | TIFU By starting an illegal money laundering and gambling ring at my highschool. This all started my second last year highschool FU happened towards end semester. Just an FYI, at time never knew gambling outside casinos illegal.

Student's Super Smash Bros Business Project Spirals Out Of Control

They didn't foresee the suspension.
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Tony Hawk's Underground skateboarding video game

Rodney Mullen Tries Out Tricks For Tony Hawk's Underground

Just going to invent some new tricks on the fly.
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gaming stream fail streamer misses basic game functions

Streamer Invests 95 Hours In Game, Then Discovers Tutorial Level

Oh, so that's how you side hop in this game.
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Jacinda Ardern New Zealand prime minister visits streamer

New Zealand Twitch Streamer Casually Gets a Visit From a World Leader

Wonderful wholesome gamer moment.
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Dad asks God for forgiveness after making mistake in grand theft auto | r/tifu Posted by u/TheBlackBradPitt 3 hours ago TIFU by making my Dad punch stripper GTA and tearfully ask God forgiveness front my entire family. M encouraged post this here comment made elsewhere, even though didn't happen today, or even this decade, so mods please remove if goes against rules s very funny story though young, my brothers and snuck copy San Andreas into house spent days holed up our basement taking turns

Religious Dad Asks for Forgiveness After Punching Virtual Stripper

It's like real-life Ned Flanders.
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A collection of high potential video games that ended up failing completely | DesertRobot111 11h 1 Award Yall remember Brink Reply 1 5.3k 3

High Potential Video Games That Failed Completely

Some games can't keep up with the hype.
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A Twitter thread about a guy getting drunk on power while playing Neopets | everest @everestpipkin every few years email neopets support asking if they can help log into my childhood account and (unsurprisingly, tiny team, millions old accounts never heard back

Twitter Thread: 9-Year-Old Amasses Neopets Empire

Power corrupts.
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