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Guy shares a funny Twitter thread about how his dad has no video game logic | Marc now. Follow @MarcStraight My dad is starting get into different kinds video games. He tried out No Man's Sky today and said "So 's like doing yard work but space" and honestly have no rebuttal he's absolutely right.

Twitter Thread: Dad Has Zero Video Game Logic

It's okay, dad.
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Girl gets good at video game to impress a guy, and then he proceeds to rage quit | r/tifu Join u/kitamoo 6d 3 1 3 1 2 TIFU by getting good at game impress guy had crush on M Obligatory this happened over 5 years ago just saw comment reminded happened so here go used play an MMO with bunch people knew IRL. Out all them most interested PvP but sucked at One day new guy shows up. He used play, but stopped few years. Everyone starts talking about he basically legend god at 1v1s one former top player

Girl Gets Good At Game To Impress Guy, Guy Rage Quits

Good riddance, dude.
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Dark Souls 3 on dancing pad

Girl Defeats Final Boss On Dark Souls 3, Uses Dancing Pad

That's just ridiculous.
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video game NBA 2K15 voice acting fail

NBA 2K15 Horrible Voice Acting Compilation

This is somehow real.
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real life footage of a guy walking around that looks like it was taken from a video game

Man Walks Around Like He's In A Video Game

Kudos to the camerawork.
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A Tumblr thread explains why moms don't need to fear the Doom video game | kawaiite-mage why are moms so afraid Doom turning their kids into devil-worshippers. like, Doom has pretty strong anti-demon message onedoomedspacemarine One devs original 1993 game is mormon with exact position.

Tumblr Thread: Moms Needn't Fear The Doom Video Game

No need to worry, moms.
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mom yelling at gamer son during video game

Mom Yells At Son For Staying Home And Playing CoD

This is just embarrassing.
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Nasty father-in-law gets defeated in high-stakes game of Tetris | r/ProRevenge u/leader556 3h Join 2 1 1 3 2 game Tetris ended years bullying my father--law wish were challenge sentence has echoed my father--law's house months now, and even saying word "Tetris" around him causes him turn into ball rage theme song game makes his eyes bulge, and any oddly colored boxes stacked random order seems give him PTSD-like gaze would give nam vet run their money.

Disapproving Father-In-Law Gets Humbled In High-Stakes Tetris

That's how it's done.
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troll attack fake cheat software gets player stuck gaming fail

Gamer Spends $600 To Take Revenge On Cheaters In CS:GO

Should've just played by the rules, fellas.
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A wholesome Tumblr story about friendship in Club Penguin | Ivl-5-kobold just had funniest experience vr chat joined random server and one joined had Japanese people so waddled around my goofy club penguin avatar have saved, after while guy walks up and clones my avatar so were both penguins then another guy shows up and clone my avatar DOLA BINU 11 4F NALLAH KID 4420

Tumblr Story: Club Penguin Inspires Wholesome Friendship

Love the Club Penguin throwback.
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prank hacking second life video game

Guy Hacks Into Second Life Club, Members Rage

They were having none of it.
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twitch streamer caught cheating dating fail

Streamer Caught Cheating, Tries To Blame Friend

Fails on fails.
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Videogame speedrunner making a burrito fast.

Speedrunner Tackles Making a Burrito

Under 14 seconds, not bad.
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gamer goes into fit of rage after losing in madded

Gamer Gets Wrecked In Madden, Proceeds To Rage

A classic.
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Tumblr dissets Pokémon's probability system, and it's amazing | rocketreturns remember mirage island shit pokemon r/s/e fucked nonsense ask-oncies-jizz had talk an old man once per day. then game would generate 2 random number bytes. those bytes would have both match also random and unseeable personality values one party pokemon. assuming had full party 6 roughly 1/10000 chance. thats rarer than finding shiny. and this wasn't once per random encounter this once per day. this only way find liechi

Tumblr Thread: Pokémon's Probability System Is Madness

Wild stuff.
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A fun Tumblr thread about a gamer who took the ultimate petty revenge on other gamers | officialgarrusvakarian E greyyourwarden shock if fallout 76 really is world where "every character is real person there's no NPCS im making my civic duty be like this lowly tavern barkeep and then once established enough rapport going nuke all west virginia and will be character

Tumblr Thread: Gamer Takes Nuclear Petty Revenge

A thing of beauty, really.
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