developer uses bad code and loses all revenue, then doubles down

Pig-Headed Developer Uses His Own Code, Loses 100% Of Company's Revenue

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A company refuses to give an employee a raise, so the employee refuses to do the extra work.

Company Refuses To Give Employee Raise, Employee Refuses To Do Extra Work

Seems fair enough for the employee to not want to do the extra work.
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Aggressive customer tries to get a tech support employee fired, and it goes on to backfire for the customer.

Customer Tries To Get Tech Support Employee Fired, Employee Shows Customer Up

So sweet and satisfying.
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An aggressive customer disregards a tech support employee's advice, wastes weeks complaining, and then lives to regret it.

Customer Doesn't Trust Tech Support Employee's Advice, Lives To Regret It Weeks Later

So much unnecessary time wasted.
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Company doesn't want to fix security flaw, IT guy shows them what's up. | r/ProRevenge u/ROKexpat 12h Join 3 6 Don't want fix my issue? Well think its time new CTO just want state this issue is going blow some peoples presented nothing short incredible. And fact never had major security breach is astounding truly is. minds security flaw this flaw may ask

Incompetent CTO Refuses To Fix Company's Security Flaw, Revenge Ensues

It's like he wanted the company to get hacked.
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coworker refuses new screen

Coworker Throws Tantrum Over New Monitor, Thinks It Will Delete Her Precious Icons

Not this again.
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Internet service provider proven wrong when they try to access a rural customer

Internet Company Refuses To Cancel Service, Rural Customer Proves Them Wrong

Good old internet service providers. What won't they try?
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Guy assumes that he can fix computer by putting it in a tub of rice.

Sheriff Spills Saltwater On Computer, Tries To Fix Computer With Tub Of Rice

Nah, that ain't it, man.
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tech support FAIL technology ridiculous dumb stupid - 15339013

Tech Support Employee Expects Speakerless Computer To Make Noise

Might be time for a hot pivot into a new job.
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Customer assumes that their packages are missing the necessary dongles multiple times.

Oblivious Customer Repeatedly Asks For "Missing " USB Dongle, It's Always Been There

Three times with the same nonsense though.
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funny memes about computers, IT and tech

Relatable IT Memes For The Technologically Minded

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A tech support tale about an angry customer berating tech support, asking for different technician, and then getting humbled.

Customer Berates Technician, Gets Humbled Quickly

Oh, that must've been indescribably satisfying.
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A collection of funny and entertaining programmer memes.

Painfully Relatable Programmer Memes That Struck The Rage Key

They speak to the frustrated soul of a programmer.
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funny story woman demands an exabyte of email data storage

Angry Lady Demands One Billion GB Of Email Storage

That is a whole lot of cat pictures.
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A clueless manager blows her money on software that she doesn't understand.

Clueless Manager Blows Budget On Software She Doesn't Understand

Pretty unreal.
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old people trying and failing to use social media

Old People Who Struggled To Master Social Media

It's a process.
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