A funny Tumblr post about how the older generations can struggle with using technology.

Tumblr Thread: Boomers Can Create Technological Chaos

All this crazy technology can get very confusing.
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The CEO of 3,500 employees thinks computer's been hacked, learns otherwise.

CEO Thinks Computer's Been Hacked, Learns How Keyboard Works

We all get humbled at one point or another.
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technology that people remember when it came out, but is now obsolete

Now-Obsolete Technology That People Remember When It Was New

It was exciting, man.
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Karen spills water all over the power outlets, and then expects a sys admin to fix it.

Karen Coworker Spills Water All Over Power Outlets, Expects Sys Admin To Fix It

Clearly, Karen was trying to cover up the whole mess.
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A prankster swaps the keyboard keys on a factory computer, and then a tech support fiasco ensues.

Prankster Swaps Keyboard Keys On Factory Computer, Tech Support Conundrum Ensues

Very, very clever.
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Tech support employee gets fired and then un-fired on the same day. | r/talesfromtechsupport Join u/Blempglorf 3y 1 got fired and un-fired same day. Long r/ALL So this one goes back 99 or so working corporate headquarters very large telco, responsible email system HQ about 1100 users at time. Like all sysadmins at HQ contractor, working through bodyshop outsourcer. My boss guy l'll call S. S site manager outsourcer, and direct manager all contractor sysadmins.

Tech Support Employee Gets Fired And Unfired On Same Day

A day like none other.
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An awesome revenge story about an engineer's successful revenge.

Revenge Of The Week: An Engineer's Tale

Oh, dear.
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A department manager wrongly assumes that monitors don't need computers, and then learns otherwise.

Department Manager Assumes Monitors Don't Need Computers

Hey, you learn something new everyday.
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A collection of funny times that Siri failed to do her job correctly.

Humorous Times Siri Failed To Do Her Job Correctly

Even Siri can suffer some burnout.
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Washing machine working on water turbine power

Man Powers House With Creek And A Washing Machine

Simply awesome.
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A student fails to properly check their backup files before IT goes and wipes the computer.

Student Fails To Properly Check Backup Files Before IT Wipes Computer

A big whoops, indeed.
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crazy surprising technology awesome driving future Video - 106868737

Guy Gets Cab Ride In Driverless Car In Phoenix, Arizona

Yep, we are living in the future.
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A customer thinks that electronic payment works through putting paper checks in the actual computer.

Customer Thinks Electronic Payment Works By Putting Paper Checks In Computer

The files are in the computer.
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funny old people social media fails

Old People Trying Their Best On Social Media

The effort is there, at least.
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A company's IT guy misunderstands a bad mouse reference, and then a hilarious fail ensues.

IT Guy Misunderstands Bad Mouse Reference, Fail Ensues

It can happen to the most qualified folks out there.
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A lazy manager lies to get out of work, gets caught sleeping, employee gets promoted.

Lazy Manager Gets Caught Lying, Employee Gets Promoted

Serves that manager right.
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