A snobby client drags a tech support ticket out for days just because she didn't have her ticket plugged in.

Client Drags Ticket Out For Days, Didn't Have Her Device Plugged In

Oh, come on.
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Karen isn't using the correct internet browser, pretends to follow instructions, and then a fail ensues.

Karen Gets Mad For Not Using Correct Browser, Pretends To Follow Instructions, Fail Ensues

These kinds of customers are a real handful.
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A shady customer cons a front-end developer, and then a glorious pro revenge ensues.

Customer Cons Front-End Developer, Tech Revenge Ensues

Don't mess with the tech gurus.
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Client tries to screw an employee over by locking them out of the system, and it totally backfires.

Client Tries To Screw Employee Over By Locking Them Out Of System, Totally Backfires

Serves 'em right.
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Guy calls tech support over a password problem, and then the fail only escalates from there.

Guy Calls Tech Support Over Password Problem, The Fail Escalates

You've got to be kidding me.
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cool birds technology awesome interesting Video - 106999553

After Effects Shows Off Vulture's Flight Pattern

Now this is awesome.
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guesses as to what will be normal in 10 years

People's Best Guesses As To What Will Be Normal By 2031

It's all up in the air, man.
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cool wtf car technology plane win airplane flying - 107045889

Literal Flying Car Makes First Inter-City Flight

Finally, people in the 2020s can have what people in the 50s thought they'd have by the 80s.
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A company continually demands their password from tech support, tech support can't comply, wild revelation ensues.

Company Continually Demands Password, Tech Support Says No, Wild Revelation Ensues

They got so lucky.
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cool robotics wtf technology eggs omelette robots future - 107013633

Impressive Omelet Robot Serves Humankind For Now

We're watching closely, omelet robot.
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Guy invests $20 in bizarre cryptocurrency, and ends up becoming a trillionaire overnight.

Man Invests $20 In Weird Cryptocurrency, Becomes Trillionaire Overnight

Could've been a modern day fairytale.
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Guy lies on his CV, and then a ridiculous tech support fail ensues.

Guy Lies On CV, Tech Support Fail Ensues

He set himself up for ultimate humbling failure.
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twitter FAIL technology social media ridiculous drones - 2344710

Drone Crashes Into Iceland's Spewing Volcano, Final Moments Captured On Video

Gone but not easily forgotten.
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A customer ends up believing that the internet actually works on magic.

Customer Believes That The Internet Runs On Magic

Not quite, my dude.
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Guy claims that he builds computers for a living, and then proceeds to completely destroy his cheap name brand computer.

Guy "Builds Computers" For A Living, Completely Destroys Cheap Computer

That's an oops.
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tech support gore, ruined technology and destroyed computers

Harsh Moments of Technological Gore

Oh dear mother of board.
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