funny IT work memes

IT Work Memes For The People Who Keep The World Running

It's due for an update.
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boss tries to punish employee for working hard, he quits

IT Guy Gets Punished For Working Too Hard, Quits On The Spot

What a management style.
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IT guy gets stupid dress code, can't do his job

Absurd Dress Code Makes It So IT Can't Do His Job, Work Piles Up

Gotta love corporate.
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Client tries to screw an employee over by locking them out of the system, and it totally backfires.

Client Tries To Screw Employee Over By Locking Them Out Of System, Totally Backfires

Serves 'em right.
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IT employee has flash drive smashed because of security mix up

Incompetence Turns IT's 15 minute Job Into Paid Time Off

Well, coulda gone worse.
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work email IT story

IT Head Steals Coveted Email Address, Can't Handle Responsibility, Gets Canned

Ya can't have it all.
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basic computer knowledge people didn't understand

The Worst Moments of Basic Technological Illiteracy People Witnessed

It gets bad.
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A shady customer cons a front-end developer, and then a glorious pro revenge ensues.

Customer Cons Front-End Developer, Tech Revenge Ensues

Don't mess with the tech gurus.
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wtf vehicle off road technology engineering interesting cars weird - 107813889

Offroad Vehicle Deploys Bonus Fifth Wheel For Extra Boost

It's, like a whole 'nother wheel, man. That just makes it one better than a regular vehicle with four wheels. It doesn't look like that fifth wheel has a whole lot of torque, but nonetheless it seems to work for stabilizing this thing on rocks. Being able to deploy a super special fifth wheel does sound like a fun feature, especially for those of us who mostly just have experience being third wheels.
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35 weird cars | thumbnail left and right weirdly shaped and constructed vehicles

Full Tank Of Weird And Unusual Cars For Peculiar Vehicle Enthusaists

Weird and unusual is our middle name
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Guy calls tech support over a password problem, and then the fail only escalates from there.

Guy Calls Tech Support Over Password Problem, The Fail Escalates

You've got to be kidding me.
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outdated advice that used to make sense but doesn't now

Outdated Advice That Just Doesn't Make Sense Anymore

"No mom, knowing cursive will not guarantee me a job."
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robot vacuum roomba fails

Signs The Robot Vacuums Aren't Taking Over Soon

There are some snags to work out.
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people's ages in non-numerical fashion

People Dating Themselves Without Stating Their Actual Age

Those were the days.
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terrible moments of tech support gore

Technological Gore To Give The IT People Nightmares

How could they.
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Guy claims that he builds computers for a living, and then proceeds to completely destroy his cheap name brand computer.

Guy "Builds Computers" For A Living, Completely Destroys Cheap Computer

That's an oops.
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