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'Now I know I’m getting fired in 3 weeks': Managers accidentally discuss firing employee on group chat that he's in

Just like Daenerys Targaryen “kind of” forgetting about the iron fleet… these bosses forgot that this guy was included in their group chat, using it as a means for discussing firing the worker in three weeks' time, once they were caught up with the delivery workload.
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'I couldn’t understand my trainer [and] couldn’t hear the customers': Nepo-Karen boss tells worker to take out their hearing aids, predictable result ensues

There's a reason why you're forced to show your work in math class. It's important that you can prove how you reached a conclusion to show that you comprehend the reasoning and aren't just blindly following the rule. Unfortunately, the same requirement is not translated well—or consistently—from the classroom to the workplace, with too many managers blindly following rules that they don't understand to the point of sociopathic cruelty. This issue also isn't helped by the fact that there are a l…
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'We knew he was full of it': Lying one-upping coworker gets caught out in a lie that they can't live down

As human beings, we all develop interesting ticks and facets of our personalities that can manifest into very strange behavior. Often our desire to feel “good” and avoidance of feeling “bad” can cause us to make a series of consecutive decisions that see us walking too far down a particular path and becoming something we might never have anticipated. Take "Disney Adults" or any fandom as a prime example of this. You get exposed to something at some point in your life, say, Disney media and it m…
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'I don't work Mondays': Server gets fired for missing "mandatory" Memorial Day shift while on scheduled vacation

One of the worst parts about working in the service industry or retail is “blackout” dates—where no one is able to take days off—these always line up with precisely the days you'd want to take off. Holidays, long weekends, and anytime between Christmas and New Years—pretty much any time you might want to see family or friends (who are all off work.) These have all been deemed as days where all hands are needed on deck due to high volumes of trade. But the worst part about blackout dates?.. Hypo…
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'My boss could barely look at me': Boss begs worker to stay and train supervisor just before their final day after they fail to replicate their work

It's often said that you'll only be truly appreciated for your work long after you've left the job; this is owing to what little visibility upper management has into your work or what little understanding they have about what it is that you actually do. Unfortunately, rather than being missed or celebrated, it's more likely that you'll be blamed for things that had nothing to do with your role (or even happened after you left.) In most workplaces, your boss will be shaking their head and mutter…
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'Ohh well, I can wait': Gas pump blockers fuel truck drivers' revenge

The blocking of gas pumps is one of those everyday entitled behaviors that, while relatively innocuous, tips over into mildly infuriating levels of moderate frustration. These people probably are the same ones who cut up an empty turn lane or shoulder to dodge traffic. Their behavior isn't illegal in any sense, but it defies the sensibilities of us more civilized and compassionate folk. These truckers had had enough of people (including other truckers) blocking fuel pumps by taking their 30-min…
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'You all agreed to and signed off on [it]': Project Manager fends off moving goalpost trap with superior paper trail and process

Dealing with changing expectations from your boss or colleagues requires a strategic approach; after all, having all your t's crossed and i's dotted ensures that you have covered yourself when things inevitably hit the fan and they go looking for someone to blame, aiming to hang their own failure's of leadership on the neck of an unprepared scapegoat. Despite all of this, Hanlon's Razor still shines through; it's not as if these people are necessarily aware of what they're doing, and it's not a…
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'She got fed up': Manager regrets demanding that retail cashier ask for their transaction approval

Unnecessary rules and processes must be followed to the letter—because some manager who has never actually done the job decided it must be so. As long as they only waste your time, they'll remain in place indefinitely as you're hounded mercilessly about the resulting drop in productivity (thanks to these new processes.) However, as soon as these processes infringe upon the time of the manager who made them, it's miraculous how quickly they can disappear, which means the easiest way to get rid o…
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'I redirected it to her closest competitor': Client refuses to pay for website, developer redirects domain to her competitor

There's something inherently risky about hiring someone to create undoubtedly the most important promotional tool for your business, only to turn around and refuse to pay them once you've accepted delivery of the product. It's almost like screwing someone over when it's something you don't understand is a bad idea… Who knew? Stories about developers getting back at clients who refuse to pay are deeply satisfying; there's this classic aspect to it of someone (the client) thinking they're holding…
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'I quit and they tried to get me arrested!': Boss tries to saddle worker with $30,000 theft after they fire them while working the store alone

Quitting a job is stressful and can lead your imagination to anticipate a myriad of possible terrible outcomes. The worst case scenario would probably be your current boss being secret best friends with your new one, prompting them to call your new boss and tell them not to hire you before firing you on the spot. Yes, it's unlikely can happen while working in small towns and close-knit industries—or when you're leaving a company to work for their major supplier. Still, despite wild imagination,…
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Coworkers Try to Scapegoat the One Pulling All the Weight

What is it with people constantly trying to blame someone else for the thing that they themselves are most guilty of? This hypocritical finger-pointing is just a vapid means of projection that these narcissistic robots employ whenever they feel threatened. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A--Hole) subreddit by the coworker scapegoated by the others, Redditor u/Maleficent_Shoe3791. She had been doing all of the work to make up for their lazy behavior, and they still tried to b…
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'They refused to believe I had left': Worker leaves their job of 10 years after getting passed up for promotion in favor of a person they trained

There's nothing better than loving your job—there's nothing harder than the dawning realization that you're going to have to leave. We all get surprisingly comfortable with our routine—it's just something in our nature. Branching out into uncertainty feels risky, making us shudder at the thought of trying new things. Companies—rather, the people who run them—are the same way, and for that reason, they will be more likely to leave you in your role if it means less change and less new uncertainty…
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'I am watching CCVT': Backpacker shares power-tripping phone policy poster from the place they worked while traveling in Australia

Backpacking through a foreign country while working on a holiday visa puts you in some strange situations in some strange places with some still stranger people. That's part of the joy of the experience; reflecting back on these situations with slightly rose-tinted glasses and wondering just how the heck you managed to get through it gives you a kind of “second-degree enjoyment.” Plus, you'll have
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