scammer pretends to be hit and run victim, uses wrong photos and gets discovered

Scammer Pretends To Be Hit-And-Run Victim, Gets Found Out

Not even good try.
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you had one job fails

"You Had One Job" Moments That People Neatly Screwed Up

Thanks for that.
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snow lies wife relationships husband lol gullible jack frost funny stupid believe - 16374789

Husband Lies About Dark Origins Of Jack Frost, Wife Repeats Lie For 15 Years

It's not totally out of the realm of possibility. Santa Clause himself is known to have been the star of some freaky German fairy tails featuring pickled children and sacks of heads. So to think that the character “Jack Frost” is actually a nose-eating serial killer is sort of in line with the origins of the holiday season anyway. Throw in the fact that there are at least two Jack Frost themed horror movies starring a killer snow man, and you've got a recipe for a dark tale of almost reasonable…
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funny and stupid dad jokes | SOME PEOPLE HAVE GINGER BREAD HOUSES HAVE PIZZA HUT | kid doing swallowed those coins? No change yet.

25 Dad Jokes That Are Dangerously Dadly

It's the dadliest catch.
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funny tumblr gems

Tumblr Gems To Chortle At With Merriment

Chortle away!
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stories of how people got banned from and kicked out of places

People Tell The Stories Of How They Got Banned From Places

Sometimes it wasn't their fault. Sometimes.
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funny not my job fails

"Not My Job" Moments That Left The Hard Stuff To Someone Else

Close enough.
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husband leaves wife in economy class to take business class seat

Dude Ditches Wife In Economy Class, Wonders Why She's Mad

It's a 12 hour flight.
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stupid things people said

The Dumbest Things People Heard Out Of Another Person's Mouth

Why are people like this.
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funny stupid kids

Dumb Times Kids Proved That They're Strange Creatures

Well, they're the future anyway.
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funny bad two sentence horror stories

Bad Two Sentence Horror Stories That Are Chillingly Stupid

What a twist.
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funny stupid jokes people do to annoy their partner

People's Favorite Bits To Annoy Their Spouse

Love is about commitment. Commitment to the bit.
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stories of people's stupidest injuries

The Stupidest Injuries People Have Sustained

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houseguest takes what she thinks is pregnancy test, announces pregnancy and is wrong about it

Woman Steals What She Thinks Is Pregnancy Test, Announces Pregnancy, Is Wrong

Filed under "whoops."
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ridiculous and stupid life pro tips

Bad Life Pro Tips To Really Jack Up One's Game

Don't do these.
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entitled people and their demands

Entitled People Who Made The World Their Big Stupid Oyster

C'mon guys.
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