funny test answers from students

Bold Test Answers That Delivered Mixed Results

Partial credit?
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funny tweets and tumblr gems

Tumblr Gems And Humorous Tweets To Send Boredom Packing

Get outta here, boredom.
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sketchy choosing beggar tries paying in exposure and gets rejected

Sketchy Choosing Beggar Offers Pay In Exposure, Gets Treated Like The Clown He Is

Interesting strategy, dude.
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people's "I hate this guy" guy

People Share Their "I Can't Stand This Guy" Guy

Everyone's got one.
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funny signs and weird sign jokes

Funny Signs From All Over This Weird World

Who's eating all these billiard balls?
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entitled people and their demands

Entitled People And Their Bold Shenanigans

What a cool group.
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guy demands girl get maternity test to see if she is mother to her baby

Idiot Demands Pregnant Girlfriend Take Maternity Test To See If She's The Mother

Absolutely phenomenal reasoning skills.
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employee usurps business from bad new owner

New Owner Lets Company Burn, Employee Yoinks Whole Business

The keys to the kingdom.
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red flag job interview moments

Red Flag Job Interview Moments When People Knew They Weren't Gonna Take The Gig

Yeah, no.
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specific and funny times people and stuff got singled out

Hilariously Specific Times People And Stuff Got Singled Out

Got 'em.
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karens and entitled people

Entitled People and Total Karens Who Graced The World With Their Audacious Behavior

At least it's not boring.
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IT guy gets stupid dress code, can't do his job

Absurd Dress Code Makes It So IT Can't Do His Job, Work Piles Up

Gotta love corporate.
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bad, stupid funny life hacks and life pro tips

Dumb Life Pro Tips To Help Achieve Worse Outcomes

Solid advice.
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wrong things taught by school

Things People Learned In School That Turned Out To Be Totally Wrong

They really wanted us to know cursive.
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technically accurate memes

25 Technically Accurate Jokes And Memes That Are Hard To Argue With

Makes sense.
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guy told groceries are too expensive, company makes him eat at nice restaurants

Company Tells Employee Groceries Cost Too Much, Must Eat Every Meal At Fancy Restaurants

If you say so.
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