toxic workplace stories

30 Times People's Clueless Bosses Tried to Solve Morale Issues with Punishment

Brilliant solution.
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fiancee brags about being breadwinner but is financially unstable

Fiancée Brags About Being Breadwinner, Is Late On Rent And Only Spends Money On Herself

What a shining example of what not to do.
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radio station request line mix-up revenge

Radio Station Won't Fix Phone Mix-up, Dad Starts Telling People They've Won Free Cars

It was effective.
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funny stupid reasons people took their pet to the vet

Twitter Users Share Stupid Reasons They Took Their Pet to the Vet

It could be anything.
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entitled parent brings baby to wedding, doesn't see why they're in the wrong

Parent Brings Disruptive Baby To Child-Free Wedding, Doesn't Understand Why They're In The Wrong

That's some straight up cognitive dissonance right there.
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employee told to forget everything they know, can't help boss when everything falls apart

Employee Fired, Told To Forget Everything They Know, Blows Up In Ex-Boss's Face

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front desk guy shows facts to cheap guest

Lying Husband Blames Employee For Cheap Room, Gets Destroyed By The Truth

Good one, dude.
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funny design fails

25 Dumb Design Failures That Need To Think About What They've Done

Who dares carpet a bathroom.
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customer says owner of store is not the owner, is pointed toward poster with his face on it

Furious Customer Insists Guy Isn't Owner, Doesn't See Giant Poster With His Face On It

The hubris.
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funny ironic coincidences

21 Brutally Coincidental Moments Of Irony

Oh that's fitting.
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funny bread memes

Bread Memes to Fall In Loaf With

No more milling about.
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entitled neighbor doesn't like how is lawn is being mowed so OP stops and he gets a fine

Entitled Neighbor Doesn't Like How Neighbor Mows Lawn For Free, So He Stops, Gets Fined

Oh, neighbors.
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funny tweets

40 Humorous Tweets Spawned From The Twitterverse

Here comes the internet.
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bad misspellings

Spelling Failures That Really Missed The Mark

That doesn't mean that.
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neighbor cuts down own mulberry tree after hearing lie about mulberry wine

Neighbor Lies About Mulberry Wine Success To Mess With Eavesdropping Neighbor, Cuts Her Own Tree Down

Absolutely terrific.
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weird and stupid ways escape room customers tried solving puzzles

Weird And Dumb Ways Customers Tried To Solve Escape Rooms

That will technically get you out of an escape room.
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