employee story of Karen boss who banned hearing aids

Karen Boss Forbids Employee's Use Of Hearing Aids, Employee Can't Hear Anything, Obviously

Who could have guessed? Not Karen.
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kids being dumb and weird

25 Instances Of Kids Being The Weirdest And Dumbest People Around

They'll learn someday.
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entitled people

Entitled People With Their Laughable Demands

Cool, dude.
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bad tourist destinations

30 People Share The Suckiest Tourist Destinations They've Visited

Nothing to see here.
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funny story about wrong numbers for chinese restaurant

Idiot Insists Guy’s House is a Chinese Restaurant, Gets Served Justice

What is there to expect.
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tumblr gems

Random Funny Tumblr Gems To Vibe To Or Not

It's a mixed bag.
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scams society falls for

The Biggest Scams We All Keep Falling For

"Oh, but you have to spend the money."
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soiled daughter wants money for trip, gets denied

Dude Wants Partner To Foot The $30K Bill For His Spoiled Daughter's Trip, Gets Denied

Screw that.
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funny marriage tweets

Marriage Tweets To Amuse Married People And Scare Single People

It's a commitment.
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Karen boss tells nanny she's abandoning her kids by going to her sister's wedding

Karen Boss Insists Nanny Is Selfish For Taking Time Off To Attend Sister's Wedding

Good one, lady.
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funny not my job moments

Not My Job Moments Of Unprofessional Absurdity

Close enough.
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funny design fails

Weird And Bad Design Failures That Could Have Gone Better

Maybe give the taco another shot.
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boss 3 months notice email

Pathetic Boss's Email Demanding 3 Months Notice Is Laughably Insane, Motivates More To Quit

Yeah, that'll keep people around.
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boss tries to punish employee for working hard, he quits

IT Guy Gets Punished For Working Too Hard, Quits On The Spot

What a management style.
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rare insults

Rare Insults That Left People Uniquely Destroyed

Haven't heard that one before.
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funny stupid things people heard someone say

The Dumbest Things People Have Heard Another Human Being Say

"It's french. La va."
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