funny times teachers witnessed kids say funny things

Teachers Share Times They Had To Stop Themselves From Laughing At Their Students

Those were the days.
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funny home depot memes

Home Depot Memes To Come Back To After Forgetting Something

It's not just a store.
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guy takes advantage of rewards program

Dude's Stupid Cookie Loophole Becomes Real-Life Infinite Money Glitch

Take that, The System.
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funny stories of stupid questions people were asked

People Share The Dumbest Questions They've Ever Been Asked

There are in fact, dumb questions.
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funny brilliant ideas that turned out to be stupid

People's Brilliant Ideas That Were Dumb Upon Review

We all know someone who's reinvented socks.
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intelligent outsmarting moves

Brilliant Moves of Highly Variable Effectiveness

There's the smartness.
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people who didn't understand jokes and memes

Fun-Stealing Dullards Who Didn't Get The Joke

C'mon, think about it for like a second.
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funny moments of kids being stupid and weird

Stupid Proof That Kids Are Almost a Different Species

They're out there, man.
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funny sign has jokes on it

Restaurant Sign Dispenses Jokes and Wisdom

Good ol' sign jokes.
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funny tweets

Funny Tweets To Help Forget About Everything For A Second

We need a break from reality.
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rich entitled girlfriend can't accept her privelege

Rich Connected Girlfriend Doesn't Understand She Isn't 100% Responsible For Her Own Success

We've got a real winner here.
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Karen bullies dock workers in Mexico and gets a burrito thrown at her

Infuriated Dock Karen Upset She Can't Rent Stranger's Boat, Gets Covered In Burrito

There's no coming back from that one.
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American boyfriend brings bell to ring at waitstaff

Boyfriend Brings Little Bell To Restaurant, Says Fellow Americans Do It All The Time

Where's this guy from?
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guy eats wife's food photoshoot and doesn't understand why she is mad

Manchild Eats Wife's Photoshoot, Wonders Why She's Mad

It's an open and shut case.
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obvious and stupid things people didn't realize for a long time

Painfully Obvious Things People Didn't Realize For Way Too Long

Every moment can be a learning experience.
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People describe the absolute dumbest reasons that companies ever ended up firing them.

The Stupidest Reasons Companies Fired People

These folks are far better off.
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