funny vandalized signs and things

Mild Vandalism That Made The World A Much More Interesting Place

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mistakes people won't make again

26 People Share Mistakes They Made Once and Never Again

Learn from other people's mistakes.
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creepy coworker fired, still uses them as reference, doesn't get new job

Idiot Gets Fired for Being a Creep, Uses Same Job as Reference, Doesn’t Think It’s a Big Deal

It's kind of a big deal.
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funny scammer trolled

Dude Trolls Scammer, Leads Them On for Three Days

It's about the small things.
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funny tweets

Funny Tweets to Push Back Boredom With a Broom

Get outta here, dullness.
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company demands guy take shorter route to save money, it's more expensive

Company Demands Employee Take Shorter Route To Save Five Dollars, Tolls Cost Hundreds

Great work.
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guy is charge 10 cents by his company, pays it inconveniently

Corporate Demands 10 Cents for Call Fee, Employee Ensures Processing Is More Expensive Than Actual Payment

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OSHA safety failures

25 Safety Failures That Would Make OSHA Squirm

No you go first.
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stupid things people brag about

30 People Share The Dumbest Things That People Brag About

"Oh I love that for you."
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"Not my job" fails

25 "Not My Job" Moments of Professional Mediocrity

Very okay!
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dumb coworker stories

People Share The Dumbest Mistakes They've Seen Incompetent Coworkers Make

Call a meeting.
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entitled people

Terrifically Entitled People Who Made The World An "Exciting" Place

Absolutely amazing.
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dumbest excuses people gave for cheating

30 People Share The Dumbest Excuses Cheaters Gave Them

Gold medal Olympian for mental gymnastics
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people who didn't get jokes

Infuriating Nincompoops Who Seriously Didn't Get The Joke

C'mon bro.
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mother in law lies about having allergies because she is a picky eater

Mother-In-Law Lies About Allergies For Years, Gets Called Out When She Steals Mousse

Really, lady?
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funny technically accurate moments and jokes

25 Technically Correct Memes And Moments That Are Too Literal For Their Own Good

It makes sense.
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