vegan son punishment

Son Punished by Going Vegan for a Month, Family Overreacts

A bit of an over-reaction.
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mistakes people won't make again

26 People Share Mistakes They Made Once and Never Again

Learn from other people's mistakes.
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employee told they can't wear shorts because of hairy legs, shaves legs to wear shorts

Manager of Sweltering Office Bans Shorts to "Not See Hairy Man Legs," Employee Shaves Legs

Excellent play.
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HOA illegally fines homeowner, loses in court

HOA Karen Illegally Fines Homeowner, Gets Taken Down in Court

Heck yeah.
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boyfriend is wrong about car, needs help changing tire, gets left on side of the road

Boyfriend Needs Help Changing Tire, Has Tantrum When Told He's Wrong About His Car

Dude needed a chill pill.
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lawyer charges company for using his work sample on real case

Lawyer Applies To Scam Job, They Use His Work, He Successfully Charges Them For It

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times risks ended in answers that were worse than no

People Share Times "The Worst They Could Say Is No" Was Worse Than "No"

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new teacher says bangs disrespectful, student reveals missing eye

New Teacher Demands Student Fix Her Bangs, Reveals Her Missing Eye

That's what you wanted, right?
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woman picks mother to be in room during birth over husband

Expecting Mom Chooses Her Mother To Be In Delivery Room Over Husband, Doesn't Understand Why He Is Upset

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company forgets to issues notice to employee, he negotiates an extra month of pay

Incompetent Management Forgets To Issue Notice, Employee Leverages It Into Extra Month's Pay

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woman changes party theme to make half sister look stupid

Woman Changes Party to Costume Party So Try-Hard Sister Can't Stand Out

The old switcheroo
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radio station request line mix-up revenge

Radio Station Won't Fix Phone Mix-up, Dad Starts Telling People They've Won Free Cars

It was effective.
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front desk guy shows facts to cheap guest

Lying Husband Blames Employee For Cheap Room, Gets Destroyed By The Truth

Good one, dude.
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woman tricks in-laws into trying her cake pops to prove them wrong

Woman Deploys Cake Subterfuge To Prove Her In-Laws Are All Liars

This isn't baking, this is war.
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customer says owner of store is not the owner, is pointed toward poster with his face on it

Furious Customer Insists Guy Isn't Owner, Doesn't See Giant Poster With His Face On It

The hubris.
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Guy's divorced brother keeps making creepy insulting comments about guy's wife, gets kicked out

Divorced Brother Won't Stop Insulting Dude's Wife, He Kicks Him To The Curb

No wonder his marriage didn't work out.
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