stories of how people got banned from and kicked out of places

People Tell The Stories Of How They Got Banned From Places

Sometimes it wasn't their fault. Sometimes.
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stupid things people said

The Dumbest Things People Heard Out Of Another Person's Mouth

Why are people like this.
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weird lies from compulsive liar stories

Insane Lies People Heard From Compulsive Liars

Credibility annihilated.
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people share their dirty secrets

Strangers Share Their Dirty, Shameful And Juicy Little Secrets

Everyone has something.
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out of touch people

People Who Were Wildly Out Of Touch With Reality

Are you serious.
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rare and unlikely things witnessed by people

Wildly Rare Moments That People Witnessed

Now how rare is it to see someone go "awooga?"
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stories of the worst food people tasted | stephacharlotte 1.6k points 5 days ago Hot dog soup. My dad rehab/assisted living facility. He had both and my sister taste were all super grossed out def hot dogs, with chunks, but also with pureed hot dogs base.

The Worst Foods People Have Eaten

Sometimes it's worth a shot.
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basic computer knowledge people didn't understand

The Worst Moments of Basic Technological Illiteracy People Witnessed

It gets bad.
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funny tumblr gems

Random Tumblr Gems To Hack Through With A Machete

There's something out there.
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wtf strange Supernatural stories weird - 16206597

Outlandish Things People Swear They Saw But Have Zero Proof

It's happened to everyone. You saw something. An event that you couldn't explain . You can't tell anyone because it's just too out there. But you swear it happened. You saw it with your own eyes. Could it be that people are highly suggestable, get their eyes tricked, and often misremember dreams as memories? That's true. And also I saw a goblin. A real life goblin. It started right back at me with its beady little eyes and not a soul believes me. And it was ANGRY.
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Stories of teachers who were nice, thoughtful and good. | Scratch_That_ 2 days ago 2 3 English teacher high school asked where my homework Responded forgot do and he said rest class "Why can't guys be like Scratch_That_? He doesn't come up with some excuse he just tells he didn't do

Teachers Who Pulled Total Bro Moves

It was rare but it happened.
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scary wtf creepy strange freaky stories weird - 16141317

Creepy Things People Witnessed Home Alone

Hearing footsteps around your house isn't a very freaky thing. Unless of course you live alone. Here are some times people experienced the heebie jeebies when there should have been no one else around to know about it. And for some more creepy encounters, here are people's creepiest “something's not right here” moments.
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scary wtf creepy close calls freaky stories weird - 16056837

People's Creepiest "Something's Not Right Here" Moments

It's always good to pay attention to your own gut instinct. When a complete stranger holding a rock walks up to you in a parking lot and asks for directions, “looking like a complete jerk” and not helping them is still a better option than being hit with a rock. So here are some freaky moments when people could tell something was off. For some more close calls, here are life-ruining bullets that people dodged.
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things that are like cults

Things That Aren't Exactly Cults But Certainly Feel Like Them

Our dear leader, essential oils.
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reasons people walked out of job interviews

Justified Reasons People Walked Out Of Job Interviews

That's enough of that.
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Questions that reveal a lot about people | Tmadred 14 hours ago 92 S9 5 More 's last thing did first time?

Simple Questions That Reveal A Lot About People

Streamline your judgement!
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