funny boys will be boys wholesome moments

Positive Examples Of "Boys Will Be Boys" That Articulate The Dude Experience

That's pretty on brand.
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ruined wedding stories

People Share Times They Attended A Ruined Wedding

There's a spectrum.
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creepy things kids said

Twitter Users Share Terrifically Creepy Things Kids Said To Them

Kid's haunted.
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funny stupid things people heard someone say

The Dumbest Things People Have Heard Another Human Being Say

"It's french. La va."
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trashy weddings people attended

People Share The Most Terrifically Trashy Weddings They've Attended

Dinner and a show.
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funny and bad April fools pranks

April Fools Pranks That Didn't Go Over So Well

"Take that, me"
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how people discovered cheating partners

People Share How They Found Out Their Ex Was Cheating

Head on a swivel.
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out of touch things people said

The Most Absurdly Out Of Touch Things People Have Heard

It’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost, $10?
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funny tumblr gems

Tumblr Gems To Help Deal With That Sinking Feeling

That's some good stuff.
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people who ran into someone who rejected them

People Who Later Ran Into The Person Who Rejected Them

Some episodes of life have a part 2.
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strange, funny and bad reasons people were fired

Dumb, Absurd and Just Wild Reasons People Got Fired From Their Job

Really dude?
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funny obvious realizations people had

Terrifically Obvious Realizations People Had Way Too Late In Life

Reality is difficult.
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revenge that was too effective stories

People Share Times Their Revenge Was Too Effective

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times people said "I'll just do it myself"

People's "Screw It, I'll Just Do It Myself" Moments

There's no motivator quite like other people's incompetence.
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risky decisions that people are dealing with the consequences of

People Share Their "Screw It, I'll Deal With It Later" Moments

Risky business.
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strange creepy things people witnessed

Creepy Unexplained Things People Witnessed In Broad Daylight

Uh, alright then.
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