don't tell your parent stories

People's "Don't Tell Your Mother About This" Moments

Or father. Either one.
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people's thanksgiving drama stories

People's Most Succulently Absurd Drama From This Past Thanksgiving

Every year there's more.
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unlikely and weird stories | visions1013 14 hours ago saw bird unscrew lightbulb once.

People's "No One is Gonna Believe This" Moments

Well alright then.
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dramatic and interesting quiet kid moments | Chasesrabbits 20 hours ago friend mine had class college where professor offered extra credit person who could come up with best sentence using list made-up words he had found freshman papers winner quiet girl, with this gem Dude, do see chankles on girl going have go home and proiate."

Times The Quiet Kid Had Their Moment

There was always more to the quiet kid.
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stupid rules people made int work and schools that backfired instantly

Stupid Rules That Backfired Immediately

May chaos reign.
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strange creepy moments | rg250871 2 days ago O 4 3 camping alone small 1-person tent. All snug and secure tent went sleep woken by clap thunder at 3am discover both inner and outer tent door wide open freaky.

Creepy Moments People Have A Hard Time Explaining

Things happen, man.
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close calls and times people dodged a bullet

The Largest Bullets People Dodged

Life is a series of close calls.
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interesting colorblind problems | PondRides 10 hours ago On my stepdads behalf say he doesn't know kitchen utensils are all pink. And also time he got my mom fluffy "pink" robe Christmas, but actually green.

Unexpected Problems Colorblind People Deal With

All this dang color is everywhere!
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embarrassing awkward stories people witnessed

Painfully Embarrassing Moments People Witnessed

That's rough.
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stories of very dumb things people said.

Dumb Things People Witnessed That Leave Little Hope For Humanity

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creepy stories

Creepy Moments People Won't Forget Anytime Soon

Oh no.
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strange reasons people called 911 dispatch

Wacky Reasons People Called 911

"The bird police are on their way."
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stories and images of kids being stupid and weird

Proof That Kids Are Strange, Dumb People

Some real brilliance going on here.
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funny tweets and gems from tumblr

Tumblr Gems And Sweet Tweets To Battle Boredom

Go away, malaise!
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black markets at people's schools

People Share The Black Markets That Existed At Their Schools

Anything can become contraband.
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things that are too painful

Things That Physically Hurt Way More Than They Should

The shin is a failure of evolution.
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