AskReddit | Delivery drivers of Reddit, what have you experienced on a delivery that you will never forget?

'There was now a man sitting in the driver's seat': 13 Delivery Drivers Share Their Most Insane and Memorable Stories

Being a delivery driver is not an easy job. Sure, even hearing the phrase ‘pizza delivery guy’ paints a pretty clear picture in your mind of the stereotypical driver but that's all it is, a stereotype. In reality, delivery drivers are often tasked with excessively large volumes and clients to deliver to so there's often little margin for error or for anything to go sideways. But when your job consists of being on the move constantly driving through traffic in order to interact with completely r…
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funny tumblr gems

Funny, Random and Brilliant Tumblr Gems

Fresh out of the internet.
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ask reddit marriage wedding divorce stories weddings - 17262085

30+ Stories About Marriages That Were Doomed From the Wedding

These unions were doomed from the start.
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times risks ended in answers that were worse than no

People Share Times "The Worst They Could Say Is No" Was Worse Than "No"

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dumb coworker stories

People Share The Dumbest Mistakes They've Seen Incompetent Coworkers Make

Call a meeting.
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dumbest excuses people gave for cheating

30 People Share The Dumbest Excuses Cheaters Gave Them

Gold medal Olympian for mental gymnastics
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funny stupid reasons people took their pet to the vet

Twitter Users Share Stupid Reasons They Took Their Pet to the Vet

It could be anything.
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"they weren't kidding" stories

33 People's Dumbest "Oh No, You're Not Kidding" Moments

Uh oh.
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times someone was humbled

21 Satisfying Times People Witnessed Someone's Ego Get Crushed

Delicious smooshed ego.
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creepy things kids said

25 Of The Creepiest Things People's Kids Said

Oh boy.
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weddings where people knew the relationship wouldn't last

40 Times Wedding Guests Knew The Marriage Wasn't Going To Last

Not a good sign.
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things people won't do again

Things People Have Decided They Will Never Do Again

Learn from other people's mistakes.
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petty reasons people stopped dating

30 People Share The Pettiest Reason They Stopped Dating Someone

It's like one big Seinfeld episode.
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petty things people did with no regret

Petty Things People Did With Zero Regrets

Probably safe at this point.
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new rules people were responsible for

33 People Share Times They Were Responsible For New Rules

Good work.
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bad roommate stories

30 People Share Their Worst Roommate Experiences

It's the worst.
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