Tom Silva builder explains the mechanics of tape measure

Builder Explains Why Rivets On Tape Measure Are Important

Learned a new thing.
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Zodiac Killer cypher code cracked true crime

Zodiac Killer's Unsolved 340 Cypher Gets Cracked After 51 Years

An achievement for the history books.
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history memes | GREENLAND ICELAND Erik Viking: laughing Leo Dicaprio in a horned helmet | Publishing numerous studies on benefits genetic diversity Having ten children with cousin PUSH Charles Darwin Double Soda Pour

History Memes that are Packed with Knowledge

Feel the history.
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cringeworthy people who believe they're smart | OMG 's an angel Their brain isnt evolved have sense religion and afterlife, marked by some act like burial and making humanoid shaped art. They simply dont understand they dont understand and dont make any assumption explain certain phenomena.

Cringey Mind-Tyrants Who Tried Too Hard to Seem Smart

Take a deep breath, dude.
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An understanding physics professor calmly dismantles the flat earthers | Let's say don't believe world is round can one prove world is round Pedro Teles, PhD Physics, University Porto Updated Wed Buy ticket Paris. Say arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport. Take RER B Gare du Nord. At Gare du Nord, switch RER metro and take line 4, direction Mairie de Montrouge. Get off at station Réaumur- Sébastopol ll now be on Boulevard Sébastopol, take left or right, depending on where exit

Patient Physics Professor Calmly Dismantles Flat Earthers

Checkmate, flat earthers.
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shark tank genius teen entrepreneur impressive

15-Year-Old Entrepreneur Impresses Investors

Kid's definitely going places.
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Bill Nye Neil deGrasse Tyson science video | bill nye roasts tyson about consciousness

Bill Nye Pokes Fun At Neil deGrasse Tyson's Reply

Never underestimate Bill.
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Kid keeps vandalizing dad's mailbox, so dad and his neighbors hatch plan to build indestructible mailbox | r/ProRevenge Join u/burner_john_doe ly 30 yrs later and they are still standing TL:DR At end grew up on country road with 4 houses. Our mailboxes were on main road. Someone kept vandalizing four mailboxes by driving through them breaking posts recall replacing mailboxes few times on weekends. After 4-5 times, my dad and neighbors hatched plan. My dad told go bed early have lot work do

Kid Keeps Vandalizing Mailbox, Dad Builds Indestructible Mailbox

Indestructible mailboxes always get the job done.
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Farmers describe times that their animals left them completely confused | PrincessPoofyPants 4h My horse started army crawling get out paddock kept wondering he got out fence intact, until caught him do

Farmers That Were Completely Perplexed By Their Animals

Animals can get real weird.
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bragging people who think they're smart | My IQ is 198 only converse with individuals who's IQ is above 165, so if yours is lower than then not worthy talking If like acquire privilege being able talk need do extensive research on multiple complicated topics even reach bare minimum people who will talk whose not who's

Bragging Mind Lords Who Think They're Geniuses

Not everyone is as smart as they think.
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Funny tumblr story of an elevator Karen is mean to a kid on the elevator, so the kid pretends to be blind | captainthaddiusflorencefrancis inventivefraud Follow gale nomads Follow Did ever tell guys met Karen on cruise 13, got yelled at by her and before proceeded make her regret her life choices span 3 minutes on an elevator? gale nomads Follow Okay so this 11 years ago 13 and on cruise my Cousin's quinceanera (Royal Caribbean gave discounts those)

Elevator Karen Spits Verbal Venom At Kid, Kid Pretends To Be Blind

Karen didn't know what to do.
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annoying and ridiculous people who believe they're smart | me trying to keep myself from posting what I really know Star Trek big brain aliens Talosians

Mistaken Brain Lords Who Believe They're Geniuses

Lying about your IQ doesn't make you smart.
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A collection of smart solutions to everyday problems that we encounter | making toast between two power chargers | lego figure used as a cable organizer

Genius Solutions To Everyday Problems

Give that LEGO bro a raise.
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A mean teacher won't believe student, so student takes revenge by reading all the books | r/ProRevenge u/Anonamaton 2y Join 3 Yes, Mrs. Smith can F*CKING read. Hello all! l'm not sure pro my fifth grader ass but this miserable 6-year-period my education still kinda pisses off, even today. Please forgive necessary backstory don't know why, but some reason teachers and administrators who ran my strict Catholic elementary school decided lying about my reading/writing abilities.

Mean Teacher Won't Believe Student, Student Proves Teacher Wrong

Feel kind of bad for Cathy though.
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Things pets learned or were accidentally trained to do | mother_of_dragons011 8.1k points 13 hours ago My cat will open tray my Xbox he thinks been playing too long. Even if just started

Things People Accidentally Trained Their Pets to Do

They're smart, man.
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ridiculous people who think they're smart and brag about it | why do believe 2+2 4 could 65 just got told %3D something and listened could be wrong everyrhing know is just something said by government or society

People Who Think They're Absolute Geniuses

It really makes you think, man.
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